Why A Curved Reception Desk?

Curved Reception Desk

The reception of your office is the first place to be crossed by anyone who walks into your office. Deciding the furniture for your reception is as important as deciding the decor. Since the reception desk is the first thing anyone notices, it should not be regular and ordinary. The desk should be different yet spacious. The size of the table will depend upon the number of receptionists you want for your office.

Where To Find A Curved Reception Desk For Sale?

There are many furniture shops that specialize in reception desks. You can choose your pick from one of these stores, if you want to select it in person. However, there are a number of choices online and you can find quite a few choices on Amazon.com. Buying them online not only saves you time, but also gives you a wider range of choices.

Should You Consider A Small Curved Reception Desk?

When you have just one or two people to be seated at a reception desk, you can definitely opt for a small curved reception desk. It can save space while adding a well designed touch to the room. This type of a desk can utilize the available space very well and can give you more space than any other angular table. This table can make the best use of the limited space. However, if the room is too small and you have a door on the side, this table can be a little uncomfortable to manoeuvre around.  If it is for a single person, it can occupy more space than a regular small rectangle table.

Reception Desk Curved Is The Right Choice

A curved reception desk can make all the difference. If it is a regular rectangle reception desk, and you want to seat 3 people at the desk, the desk can be quite long. However if it were a curved desk, it will occupy much lesser space.

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When You Find A Curved Reception Desk For Sale

When you have carefully considered your reception area and its need, you can choose the right desk with ease. When you find the perfect curved reception desk for sale, consider the placement of the desk and how much space it would occupy. Here are some things you need to consider before finalising your purchase.


  • Perfect for a corner
  • Occupies space efficiently
  • Aesthetic appeal for your office


  • Not suitable for just one person
  • Can be difficult to get out of the chair when behind a curved desk
  • Lot of space wastage when a monitor is placed on the curved desk

Get The Best Curved Reception Desk In US

The Perfect White Curved Reception Desk For You

OFM 55293-WHITE Marque

OFM 55293-WHITE Marque Single-Unit Reception Station

The single unit white reception desk by OFM (55293) is a well crafted modernized reception desk that can add an instant appeal to your reception. Its pristine white with the metal details makes it look very stylish.

OFM 55293-WHITE Marque 2


  • Powder coated steel frame does not rust
  • Good quality construction ensures durability
  • No tools required for assembly


  • The melamine finish can be ruined by moisture or any liquids, if it were to spill by accident.
  • Can fit only one person as name suggests and no room for an extra chair


  • The dimensions of this table are: 45.5 X 142 X 71 Inches (height X Width X Depth)
  • The pallet dimensions are: 72”x 40”x 72”
OFM 55293-WHITE Marque 3

Looking For A Curved Salon Reception Desk?


The beauty salon reception desk by Argenteno is perfect if you are looking for a compact white desk to fit into the reception area of your salon. It is well designed, simple and efficient.



  • You can keep important papers or cash under lock and key
  • It is made of wood and is more durable
  • It requires no assembly and can be used straight out of the box


  • Only one draw with a lock, you can have a designated space for everything.
  • Your chair cannot be pushed into the desk, hence occupies space even when no one is seated.


  • The table measures 52.5 X 36 X 15.7 inches (Length X Height X Depth)

Customer feedback

This table has a very good review from customers. The table is compact and does not occupy much space and serves the purpose of a simple reception desk.


A Modern Curved Reception Desk For Your Office

OFM Marque Series Plexi Single

OFM Marque Series Plexi Single-Unit Curved Reception Station

If you are looking for a modernized reception desk to add some style to your office furnishings, the OFM Marque Series Plexi single unit curved reception station could be your answer. It looks very sophisticated with its wood and metal finish. The wire cut outs provided on the interior of the desk ensures your employee does not have to fight with cables and wires, every time they have to move things around the table.

OFM Marque Series Plexi Single 2


  • Melamine finish ensures easy maintenance and durability
  • It has spacious desk
  • The self edge finish reduces chipping


  • Melamine is not water resistant
  • It requires to be assembled


  • The dimensions of this table are 68 x 14 x 48 inches.
OFM Marque Series Plexi Single 3

Customer feedback

The customers who have bought this table are very happy with the quality and the durability of the desk. The wire cut outs ensures free movement and no unsightly wires running on top of the reception desk.

Install A Black Curved Reception Desk For That Sophisticated Edge


When a reception desk is black and attractive, it makes the entire place look stylish. The colour combined with the curve makes it look very rich and sophisticated. The all purpose beauty salon reception desk by Gattino is practical and attractive. The stylish modern design along with the LED illuminated front panel is a sure eye catcher, where ever you place it. It is bound to attract appreciative glances due to the sleek finish coupled with lighting.



  • Illuminated front panel attracts attention to the desk, thus making it easier for anyone to spot the reception area.
  • The large desk surface area ensures your employee has enough space to write on a paper despite having all files spread around.
  • You can store anything in the big draw space available and not worry about things getting misplaced due to the lack of space or compartments.


  • Only part of the desk has a raised surface area, thus the space to display cards or brochures is limited.
  • The desk extends beyond the body of the table, this can prove to be a safety hazard as one might forget the desk on top and hit their head, while bending down to get something.

Customer feedback

The customers who bought this table are very impressed with the glossy finish and LED lit front panel. It lends a modern touch to your salon and makes it very appealing. The desk is spacious enough to manage all paper work without a chaos.


The Perfect Curved Wooden Reception Desk

OFM Marque Series Double

OFM Marque Series Double-Unit Curved Reception Station

If you are looking for a spacious curved wooden desk to fit two people, the OFM Marque Series Double-Unit Curved Reception Station is the one for you. The wood and metal combination enlivens the space immediately and the desk is ready to be used right out of the box. The desk is melamine finished and is thermo fused, to ensure there is no chipping.

OFM Marque Series Double 2


  • Large and spacious desk
  • Thermo infused corners to ensure durability
  • Cut outs for wires ensure there are no unnecessary wires hanging around resulting in an untidy sight


  • Melamine is not moisture friendly and can be damaged by accidental spilling of liquids


  • This roomy desk measures 48.5 x 118.8 x 45.5 inches.
OFM Marque Series Double 3

Customer feedback

The customers are very happy with this spacious desk that can fit two people comfortably. This height can be an issue if your receptionist is on the shorter side.

Own The Perfect Curved Reception Desk In US

There are a number of choices for a reception desk. When it is the desk that creates a first impression among your customers, you need to put a lot of thought into it. When you select a curved reception desk, the aesthetic appeal is instantly achieved. When you want your office to look modernized and posh, the cured desk is the perfect choice for you.

Irrespective of the size or the material used, a curved desk can attract a lot of appreciative glances. It is very practical and can save you a lot of space on the office floor.

The above selection covers a wide range of curved desks to suit your needs. Whether you want  a single or a double desk, a wood finish or melamine finish, white or black, we have covered it all for your convenience.

Choose the right table for your front office and nail the first impression among your clients. Let them know your office furnishings are also given importance like your service. This can help your business grow.