What is a modular conference table?

Modular Conference Table

Any conference area is marked by the presence of meeting table. But in certain cases, the conference rooms are in dire requirement of flexibility of being used for multiple purposes which calls for modular conference table. These tables are ideal for transforming conference room into an area for social events, celebrations or other functions.

What are Modular Conference Room Tables?

Modular conference room tables have the innate capability to transform any area into a multi-functional podium. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Rectangular shaped tables offer more of leadership style conferencing with presentations while U-shaped conference tables are ideal for board member meetings with more interactions. They are also best when you have audio visual presentations are on tow.

Why Choose Modular Conference Tables?

While choosing Modular conference tables, you are in for a ride to choosing wide variety of furnishings with endless options. Conference room with modular conference tables has many advantages.

  • They can be transformed into multifunctional room.
  • They are effective in encouraging better discussions and decision-making.
  • They allow incomparable versatility.
  • They offer great value for money and definitely help save some.

Why Modular Boardroom Tables Are Not Perfect

Though modular boardroom tables are great in many ways, they can be conversation deterrents if the crowd is too big. Also, certain designs do not allow face-to-face conversation.

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Modular Tables For Conference Rooms: The Edge

Among the multitude of conference room furniture, modular tables for conference rooms are a great choice due to their obvious versatility and optimal functionality. One of these tables can be used for multiple purposes which makes it a money-saver. Apart from rich look, they give wide area and comfort for big business discussion whether it be employees, higher officials or clients.

How are Modular Meeting Room Tables priced?

With dearth of choices well-taken-care-of, modular meeting room tables are available at all major retailers. Indulge yourself in a wider variety of choices online, compare and choose the best that fits your requirements. They come in the price range of around $500 to over $2000 and more.

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Which is the Best Modular Conference Table out there?

While choosing best modular conference table, give due consideration to your conference room space, number of users at a time, other furniture, maintenance or cleaning needs and of course, budget. Choose what is best suited for your requirements and don’t give into mere looks or just functionality. Here are few ideal considerations for your guidance.

Should you get Modular Conference Room Tables With Data Ports?

Regency Prestige 144-Inch Modular Conference Table with Power Data Grommets

If you are looking for a traditional, vintage or classic-style modular conference room tables with data ports, the Regency Prestige 144″ modular table with power data grommets for USB, Ethernet, power/data, USB charging ports and AC outlets makes a great buy. The table is constructed with two-toned inlaid edge detailing that is alternated by wooden grains and is a perfect blend of traditional elements into modern technology for professional setting.

These modular conference room tables with data ports can seat 10-12 people. This symbol of luxury is priced around $1700 and weighs around 375 pounds. It makes a spacious addition with its dimensions of 50x144x29 inches and is available in four sizes.


  • Elegant deign with modern architecture
  • Solid, durable, quality construction


  • It might be too heavy

Customers Say

Regency Prestige modular conference room tables with data ports are nice, stylish, elegant and beautifully designed piece of furniture that can promote every effort is active discussion with its style and old-world charm with a modern outlook.

What is a Modular Conference Table System?

Deep Walnut Modular 4 Square Conference Table

When you need a traditional-style modular conference table system with modern conveniences, the Deep Walnut Modular 4′ Square Extendable Table Collection is an ideal choice. The table can seat four with comfort and makes a great tool for closer, face-to-face discussion.

This table has a traditional, rich look of beautifully crafted hardwood and veneers. There are grommets that can keep all cords concealed. This table is of its value in the sense that you can add other tables to extend the space when require. Offered with 9 years guarantee, these tables are priced rightly around $700. The table measures 48x48x30 inches and weighs around 244 pounds. It is also available in brown finish.


  • Solid, durable, traditional construction with modern functionality
  • Highly versatile and extendable
  • Rich, elegant, traditional look.


  • Too heavy for a 4′ table.

Customers Say

Regency 4′ modular conference table system is an elegant, ideally functional piece of furniture that can give the rich, traditional look for your office space. It holds a simple, yet powerful design to give a boost to professional space with due consideration to convenience and beauty.

Is choosing an Aspen Modular Conference Tables better?


When you are looking for aspen modular conference tables, BUSH BUSINESS FURNITURE Aspen Square Table is a functional and beautiful addition to your conference room. With its cherry-stained color and diamond finish, these tables are more of diverse decorative piece that can enhance the aesthetic appeal. The table has stationary legs with levelers to fit any uneven surface. The diamond coating is scratch and stain-resistant.

This table also has PVC banding over edges and is designed for safety and performance. It offers versatility to be used as a single piece or combined with other pieces for extended uses. It measures 28.6×28.6×29 inches and weighs around 18 kg. The product comes for a price of around $395 and offers a 10 year warranty.


  • Lightweight, versatile and beautiful furniture
  • Compact design with a simple, modern look
  • Scratch and stain resistant.


  • Too simple for elegant professional spaces.

Customers Say

These Aspen modular conference tables manufactured using high quality materials with a nice, appealing color coating and smooth finish, worth the money.

How are Balt Modular Conference Tables Different?

Balt Modular D-Shaped Radius Conference Table

If you need a unique meeting space, Balt Modular D-Shaped Radius Conference Table is an ideal option for enliven your office. The table is constructed using heavy-duty thick mahogany as top layer that had been treated under high-pressure with black T-mold banding. The steel legs are coated with black powder and have 4″ casters, of which two can be locked.

The table has a hidden built-in electrical outlet for data cables and power cables. The table measures 43x63x29.5 inches and weighs 112 pounds. Priced around $760, Balt modular conference tables are solid, sturdy furniture for office needs.


  • Sturdy, stable and convenient design
  • Simple, unique D-shaped design with cable ports
  • High pressure laminate mahogany top layer for smooth look.


  • It might scratch.

Customers Say

Balt tables are very durable, sturdy framed for offices. The table is large sized and need careful attention before purchase with due regard to your office space.

Are Cheap Modular Conference Tables better?

Boss Office Products N8018-MOC Boss Modular Laminate Series Round Table

Boss Office Products N8018-MOC Boss Modular Laminate Series Round Table makes a perfect option for those looking for a cheap modular conference tables. This table comes at an amazing price of around $450. It has a classy mocha finish with X-shaped metal base. The product weighs around 27 pounds and measures 42×29.5inches. Being a wooden surface, the product may not give the appeal of a cheap table.


  • Smooth, mocha top finish on wood
  • X-shaped metal frame for base support
  • Affordable and compact


  • Prone to scratch

Customers Say

These are cheap modular conference tables that are ideal for small groups to have close discussion.

Here is a Good Modular Conference Table: Our Choice

Regency Legacy 144-inch Modular Racetrack Conference Table with Power Data Grommet

When you need good modular conference table, it should be ideal with regard to looks, functionality and price. Regency Legacy 144” Racetrack Conference Table with Power Data Grommet- Mahogany is a great choice with its patented modular design, capacity for 10-12 people and a choice of cherry or mahogany finish to enhance professional appeal. The table also holds ports for data and power and carries 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.

With a design that is scratch, stain and burn-resistant, coming at a price of around $1500, this table is a great investment from every aspect. It measures 52x144x29 inches and weighs around 380 pounds and are available in six more sizes.


  • Classy, elegant wooden design
  • Convenient and functional structure with external ports
  • Reasonably priced, quality construction


  • Nothing specific

Customers Say

Regency Legacy is a good modular conference table which can offer best of looks, construction, performance and convenience, all in a well-justified price range. It is worth an investment.