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Owning a binding machine is a blessing in disguise in the present times when you practically have to submit a report, presentation, project, booklet etc. almost all the time at work or at school. There are several models but we have chosen six of the best binding machines that we found to be value for money.

Fellowes Binding Machine is the best comb binding machine

The ease to use and the convenience of quick setup makes this manual comb binding machine immensely popular. It is also well-liked because its supplies are inexpensive, easily available and can be reused. With this Fellowes Star style comb binding machine, you can punch up to 15 sheets continuously. It is really easy to bind 150 sheets with the ¾” comb provided. The finish is professional and is suited for small offices and home offices where the volume of work is not much and the handbooks, booklets, and presentationsdonot run into several pages. The vertical document loading and the rotary edge guide ensure that the papers are well aligned and the punching is precise.


  • Sleek and compact
  • Can manually punch 15 holes at a time
  • Pinpoint punching possible
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Can bind 150 sheets with ¾” comb
  • Built-in measuring tool selects the right comb size suitable for a document
  • It is portable and the punching handle doubles up as a carrying handle
  • Internal storage tray provided to store additional supplies
  • Affordable


  • It is not suitable for A4 size paper but is suitable only for US letter sized paper
  • It punches only 19 holes
  • Does not suit combs larger than 18mm or ¾”
  • The instructions are not clear
  • Paper has to be loaded from top which is inconvenient
best binding machines for teachers

The best binding machines for teachers – Marigold 19-hole comb ring binding machine.

As a teacher you will have to make lesson plans, student logs, journals etc. and you need an efficient binder that can save time and also be cost-effective. The Marigold 19 Hole binder is ideal for teachers, home offices, and students who normally make booklets, logs, journals, presentations, and reports that are not very thick and voluminous. It is sleek, affordable and easy to use. It is especially beneficial for teachers as you can create multiple documents in a short time. What makes this model even more attractive is the bonus starter kit which provides 100 ¼” comb binding spines at no extra cost. The mechanism is fairly simple but the finished product looks professional and neat.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable design
  • Affordable
  • Can adjust the printing margins between 2mm to 8mm
  • Free bonus starter kit comprising of 100 ¼ inch combs provided
  • Small and space saving design
  • No electricity needed
  • Can bind 250 pages effortlessly
  • Sharp punching pins ensure the holes are clean and neat
  • Easy to follow Operating manual provided
  • Exclusively meant for use in the United States.


  • Suitable only for letter size paper
  • The punched holes are too close to the paper margin
  • The comb spines are very fragile
  • There is no alignment device for precision and you have to manually adjust for accuracy.
  • Can’t be used for A4 size paper
  • The handle is made of plastic and will break if you try to punch more than 10 pages at a time.

The best binding machine for 21 holes- Kenley Binding Machine

Not all binding machines can be used for A4 sized paper; only machines which can punch 21 holes are suitable for this paper. The Kenley Binding machine is probably one of the best binding machines in this category. It not only punches 21 neat holes without edges but is capable of binding 450 sheets making it highly useful in a mid-sized office. Reasonably priced the machine comes with 10 binding combs and can punch 12 sheets ata time. It is easy and safe to use. It is a combination of metal and plastic with the housing being made of metal and the handle of plastic.


  • Easy to use
  • Gives a professional look to the binding
  • Sturdy with metal housing
  • Punches 21 holes and is suitable for A4 size paper
  • The presence of non-slip feet ensures that the machine doesn’t move and lead to misaligned holes
  • The boundbooks can be laid flat.


  • The main frame of the chair is pretty strong to hold the promised weight capacity. But the wheels are relatively weaker and if the chair is moved around too often, with a user close to the maximum weight capacity the wheels wear off too soon.
best binding machine for office
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binding machine for medium offices

The best binding machine for medium offices – TruBind TB-S20A Coil Binding Machine

The coil binding machine is predominantly used for books that are meant to be used frequently. The TB-S20A from TruBind is a coil binder that has to be operated manually. It can punch upto 20 sheets. This machine isan ideal addition to any office where documents are subject to harsh treatment and the coils get crimped. This machine is suited for a variety of paper sizes, the largest being A4. The 2-year warranty from the manufacturer covers it for al mechanical defects. The handle can be used either by left-handed people or right-handed people equally effectively. Documents bound with the TruBind can be opened to 360 degrees facilitating easy photocopying and scanning.


  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Books can be opened to 360 degrees
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • The electric coil inserts the spiral without manual intervention
  • You can bind documents that are 2 inches thick
  • Handle can be easily removed and the machine stored
  • Can be used on varying paper sizes
  • Coil crimping pliers included with the package.


  • Electric spinner is fragile and gets damaged easily
  • Spinner is hard to control and some pages don’t get bound
  • The construction is not durable
  • The punch tray is not easily accessible
  • The crimp pliers are not suitable for ¼” coil
  • Too expensive for the average quality.

The best electric comb binding machine – Fellowes Galaxy 500 Electric Comb Binding System

The Galaxy 500 from Fellowes can also be called the best binding machine forthe office. The accuracy edge guide helps you to center the documents and punch precisely. It is suited for voluminous work like punching 25 sheets at a time and binding up to 500 sheets; all this with a touch of a mere button. The binding can be easily removed and reused without damage to the coil. The document measurement device ensures that the papers are well aligned and in the correct spot for punching.


  • Easy to setup and use
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Vertical loading ensure accuracy during punching
  • Increases productivity with its removable binding mechanism which allows two people to work at the same time
  • Built-in storage tray for additional combs
  • The waste tray is easily accessible
  • Easy to center documents with the adjustable edge guide
  • Can be used for different document sizes
  • The comb can be reopened and the papers taken out for any corrections made and then can be replaced easily.


  • There are no page guides
  • The controls are not easily accessible when open
  • The instruction manual not very clear and without prior knowledge of binding machines, you will struggle.
best electric comb binding machine
best binding machine for rectangular holes

The best binding machine for rectangular holes – YaeKoo 21-Hole

The 21 Rectangle Holes, compact body, economical price and efficient performance make the Yaekoo one of the best binding machines in the list. You can punch 12 sheets at a time and comb bind 450 pages. The body is a balanced mix of metal and plastic. The operation is simple and efficient. It is suitable for home and office use.


  • Easy to use
  • Economically priced
  • Margin can be adjusted to three different sizes
  • It can split the combs fairly easily and quickly.


  • The handle is flimsy and breaks easily
  • One needs to practice to fit the paper into the slot
  • The instructions are unclear and insufficient.
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What should you know before buying a binding machine?

Binding machines are extremely useful in offices, schools and at home. They makea presentation of reports, documents, projects, and journals easy and appealing. But do you know enough about binding machine brands and binding machine coil and binding machine combs?

What are the types of paper binders?

The three most common and in vogue binding formats are:

  • Comb binding
  • Wire binding
  • Coil binding.

Comb Binding:  It is most often used in schools, copy shops, and small offices because of the easy availability of supplies and the simple operation. These machines punch 19 holes on a letter-sized paper. The binding element is always plastic. Usually, you can get combs in the thickness range of 3/16” to 2” in diameter. This is also popular because binding with this format is cheap. The two drawbacks to this method are that the binding is not long lasting and you cannot turn pages full 360 degrees. Opt for this if you want a traditional finish as it is widely used for reports and presentations.

Wire Binding: In this pattern, theactual metal wire is used to bind the sheets of paper. You can choose from three different hole patterns here: 3:1 where there are three holes per every inch, 2:1 with two holes per inch or the standard 19 rings. Machines that offer wire binding give very little scope for modification, which means if you choose a particular hole pattern then you are stuck with it forever. The advantages of this method are that it is considered very professional and often used by large businesses and you can get the wires in several colors. The two disadvantages here are that you cannot add or remove pages and the wires can be bent out of shape with rough use.

Coil Binding: Also called spiral binding, this method uses PVC material for the spirals. This follows two different hole patterns: the 4:1 with four holes per inch and the 5:1 with five holes per inch. Coil binding offers you coil in a wide range of colors making it very appealing to all. But the best part about this binding is that the spirals do not lose shape even with repeated use. The coils allow you to turn the page a full 360 degree and lay the completed project fully flat. The only drawback with this method is that you cannot add or remove pages. If at all you do then you need to use a new coil.

What is the purpose of binding?

Before you purchase a binding machine, you must decide:

  • The purpose: Ask yourself if you want it for professional purposes like marketing, official reports or for internal documents, home projects etc. Next decide if you want a machine that is inexpensive, easy to use, and portable with easily available supplies and or something that is more stylish and professional.
  • The number of pages you plan to bind each day: Probably an even more important question would be how many pages or books you plan to bind in a single day. If you are looking at just a few books comprising of 8-10 pages a manual binding machine with a capacity of 12 pages will suffice. But in case you are looking at more volume than an electric binding machine would be a better option. Thus, if you are looking for your home or a small sized office opt for the 150 pages binding machine, for medium office 300 pages binding capacity.

How to use a binding machine?

Just follow these simple steps to use these machines:

  1. Adjust the margin depth and disengage the punching dies to prevent half unsightly holes.
  2. Keep all the papers and covers together and in order.
  3. Insert the maximum number of papers allowed on your machine and pull the handle to punch holes.
  4. Next, align the holes and insert the combs into the machine comb opener.
  5. Insert the comb spines through the paper and release the comb opener.


The winner in your quest for the best binding machine is the Fellowes Binding Machine Star plus. This comb binding machine is inexpensive, is easy to use quick to setup and produces professional results. This binding machine is portable and can punch up to 15 pages at a time and bind 150 pages making it suitable for all school and small office needs.

We recommend it because the finish is traditional and the punching is accurate and clean. It is value for money as it meets most of the daily binding needs in most schools and office atmospheres. Moreover, the brand is renowned in the field of binding machines giving it an edge over its competitors.