Why is a Modern Black Reception Desk preferred?

Black Reception Desk

A package is often judged by its cover. And, a reception desk is precisely, that package cover of a firm. It gives the first impression of the workplace, in spades! While it is not just the receptionist’s acute sense of briefing but also the desk given to the receptionist that must deliver in making the first impression, the best. For instance, a black reception desk with a colour contrast logo can change the entire look of the office. Besides, black reception desks create a magical ambiance when supplemented with wooden panels, metal accents and glass. Given the intensity of the colour and, its ability to complement well with other colour shades, a modern black reception desk is best preferred in firms.

What are the Requirements of a Modern Black Reception Desk?

As a cover face for your firm, a modern black reception desk is the first point of contact for the outside world. Hence, one must go through a list requirements based on the following questions, before deciding on a sturdy and modern black reception desk:

  • Where must the desk be located – along the wall or, in the centre?
  • How big must the reception desk be?
  • Which is the preferred shape for your desk? – L shaped, curved, rectangular, U shaped, conical or straight?
  • What is the preferred material for your reception desk?
  • Will the receptionist desk need a computer, printer, scanner, telephones, Fax machines and other security equipment?
  • How raised should the computer monitors be? Should the computer monitor be concealed from the visitor’s view?
  • How many storage components does your reception desk need? How many shelves, cupboards and pedestals, to be precise?
  • Do you need illumination panels within the desk?
  • Is security glazing required for your reception desk?

A reception desk must ideally allow the visitor and the receptionist to interact with each other, uninterrupted. It must contain a palpable storage space that can accommodate all the cables and wires, besides the files, registers and the folders. Usually, real wood veneer or, laminates are used for building desks and, they give a polished look to the desk. Acrylic, reconstituted stones and foils are also used as alternatives. For a flexible viewing, adjustable monitors can be placed on the desk. Extra features such as up stands, inlay banding, a recessed plinth, raised counter caps and even, a graphics area can be incorporated, based on the requirements. And, a receptionist with a warm smile, calm temperament and, a confident personality completes the package of a beautiful modern black reception desk.

Advantages of using a Black Curved Reception Desk

There is a subtlety that graces curved surfaces. They do not cut or, protrude. Besides, they are a value addition on the aesthetic front. Black curved reception desks are best suited for huge waiting rooms, lobbies, salons and multi storied offices. They come in different shapes and sizes with perfectly incorporated modular layouts and, sophisticated transaction counters. Notable designs include crescent and half moon.


  • A black curved reception desk looks tasteful when viewed from any angle. Besides, the receptionist gets more space to work on.


  • However, it is not suitable for small offices, given its bulging round edges. They fit the best in corners, thereby reducing the options of where it can be placed.
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Why are Small Black Reception Desk best suited for small offices?

Small black reception desks are best suited for small offices, showrooms and salons, where space utilization is the primary goal.


  • A small black reception desks is easily transportable, given their small size.
  • It is best suited for offices that require only one receptionist who shall be the primary point of contact for the office.


  • A small black reception desk may not have enough storage space, as is required for maintaining folders and files.
  • If a reception desks is a one time investment for the firm, then it may outlive its purpose when, the firm expands and, moves to a bigger workplace.

Some of the Best Black Reception Desks for us!

One of the best Black Salon Reception Desks

Bestar Somerville L-Shaped Desk

Bestar Somerville L-Shaped Desk, Black and Tuscany Brown

BESTAR SOMERVILLE L SHAPED DESK is a black salon reception desk that is also available in Tuscany brown. It is best suited for small spaces that cover offices run at home, at mini departmental stores and, salons. It is made of durable wood 3/4″ that is glazed with a perfect melamine finish. Equipped with stainless metal handles and, with edges made of shock resistant PVC, the black salon reception desk can be placed in your offices without incurring damage to the furniture around. Besides, the storage element in the desk has a flexible shelving that aids in keeping the files and folders in an organized manner.

Bestar Somerville L-Shaped Desk 2


  • Bestar Somerwille L shaped black salon reception desk is heat, scratch, stain and burn resistant.
  • It is well equipped with utility drawers and, a file drawer with legal filing system. The file drawer is mounted on ball bearings which makes the sliding smooth and noise free.
  • An efficient wire management system is incorporated in the desk to help in keeping the work place organized.


  • Given its structure compatibility with small work places, the receptionist may find it difficult to manoeuvre the chair around.
  • The options for positioning Bestar Somerwille L shaped black salon reception desk are limited. Corner is the obvious option, given the L shape.
  • Although the desk looks simple, the assembly of the product takes time.

The product weights approximately 54 Kg and is, 135.9 x 146 x 74.9cm.

Bestar Somerville L-Shaped Desk 3

Customer reviews

Customers have given mixed reviews about Bestar Somerville L shaped black salon reception desk. Although issues have been observed in packaging and shipping aspects, the final products have been perfect for small offices and salons.

Selecting Cheap Black Reception Desks For Salons and Spas

LCL Beauty Brand New Black Professional Front Receptionist

LCL BEAUTY BRAND NEW BLACK PROFESSIONAL FRONT RECEPTIONIST OFFICE COMPUTER DESK is one of the best and cheap black reception desks, best suited for salons and spas. The desks is equipped with storage cabinet, removable shelf, an easy sliding keyboard tray, a sizeable space for the computer and, appropriately numbered wire runner openings with covers. A brushed steel front adds a professional touch to its look.

LCL Beauty Brand New Black


  • The three open faced storage cabinets in this cheap black reception desk are fully accommodative of computer, printer and other electronic paraphernalia.
  • Made of durable medium density fibreboard, the desk is sturdy and light weight at the same time. The touch of black formica laminate makes the desk water proof.
  • Two drawers with locks enable complete security of important files and folders.


  • Colour options for these desks are limited.
  • These cheap black reception desks may not be suitable for extremely small work places.
  • Also, they may not be able to accommodate multiple computers, should the organizational needs arise.

The LCL Beauty Brand New Black Professional Front Receptionist Office Computer desk is about 54.25″W x 39″H x 20″D. Drawers are 9.5″W x 3.25″H x 13″D. The Keyboard tray storage is 20″W x 11″H x 18″D and, the externally placed storage components are 19″W x 11″H x 18″D and 9″W x 23.5″H x 18″D respectively. The storage cabinet with removable shelf is 11.5″W x 23″H x 17.5″D.

LCL Beauty Brand New Black 2

Customer Reviews

Despite minor issues in shipping, the customers have evaluated the desk fairly well and, have expressed their satisfaction over having been able to accommodate these desks in their offices perfectly.

LCL Beauty Brand New Black 3

Selecting Black reception desks for the beauty salons!



From the beauty point of view, BEAUTY SALON ALL PURPOSE RECEPTION DESK is sleek, simple, and elegant with a striking black finish and, an illumination front panel. Approximately 40″ long and, this beautiful black reception desk is equipped with ample storage and drawers, one of which has a locking system. It also sports a keyboard sliding tray.



  • The illumination panel in this beautiful black reception desk brings a warm and a welcoming glow to the reception area.
  • The glass shelf over the top of the desk gives a sense of transparency between the receptionist and the visitor.
  • The ample storage gives complete security to important folders and files.


  • This black reception desk is best suited for salons and spas that operate on larger spaces.
  • The curvaceous surfaces may not fit appropriately in small office spaces.
  • Given the glass shelf top, the assembly and installation must be done with extreme care without inflicting damage to property around.

The Beauty Salon all Purpose Reception desk is approximately 45 wide and 39 high and, weighs about 300 lbs.


Customer Reviews

Customers have rated the all purpose beauty salon reception desk fairly well for its smoky illumination panel. It fits the brief of an ideal reception desk for salons and spas.

Picking Elegant Reception Desk, black for offices

Elegant Black Reception Desk RD-34BLK

With a button tufted design on front, the ELEGANT BLACK RECEPTION DESK RD-34BLK is a perfect choice of a reception desk, black in colour. It completes the appearance of a waiting room, office and even, a salon, perfectly.

Elegant Black Reception Desk RD-34BLK


  • Made of a good quality laminate, this reception desk, black in colour is equipped with a cabinet and two drawers with locks, thereby providing the receptionist enough room to work on.
  • The desk also contains a slide tray for the keyboard and stationary, making the workspace organized.
  • Cord management passage has been incorporated into this desk to avoid tangling of cables and wires.


  • The desk is very heavy and large. Hence, shipping can be done through freight carriers only.
  • Given the dimensions, it is not suitable for small work spaces.
  • The final delivery is a curb side delivery unlike door step.

The desk is approximately 49.75″ W x 26″ L x 46″ H and weighs about 791 pounds.

Elegant Black Reception Desk RD-34BLK 2

Customer Reviews

As per customers, RD-34BLK fits the brief of a perfect and an elegant black reception desk and, has enjoyed an excellent rating from customers.

Elegant Black Reception Desk RD-34BLK 3

Picking the black reception desk for us!

A reception desk is mandatory for every organization. From the given choices, one can narrow down the options and, select the best suited desk black reception desk based on the firm’s requirements. The right black reception desk should aptly fit in your firm, dimension wise, decor wise and, cost wise.

Requirements of office furniture are expected to be precise and accurate. So, choose your pick wisely.