Round Up Your Meetings with A Small Round Conference Table

Why do you need a small round conference table?

Small Conference Table

Conference rooms and meeting rooms are the central points of the work place. Be it business or corporate offices, there should always be space for a conference room. This room is the thinking room where ideas are bounced off each other. The focal object in the room is the conference table. It deserves all the respect it should get because it is this object that makes the conference room what it is. The need of this object in the space is vital and an integral part of the conference room. The best impression comes from how the small round conference table adds to the vibrancy of the space on the whole. Organization and improved efficiency arises when the table on which everyone is seated emits positive vibes. A shoddy and dirty table is a sign of lethargic and sloppy behaviour. The elegancy of the table adds colour to the room. It can change the whole atmosphere from a very dull one to a very exciting and refreshing environment.

Points to be considered while deciding the size and shape of the table are the size of the room in which the furniture is to be placed and the guesstimated number of users for the same. The location of the table in the room also makes a difference but will not be a primary cause for concern while picking the right one. This is because you do not need to always keep the table in the centre of the room nor does there have to be equal space all around the table. There could be more room for clearance at one side of the table when compared to the other. The audio visual equipment needs a specific distance from the table so that should be a point of reference when it comes to location of the table in the conference room.

Why pick a small round conference table over others?

Different shapes offer various amounts of perimeter for a decided amount of dimension. While squares and rectangular tables are easier to fabricate and more economical in terms of a given seating, small round conference tables are chosen for many more reasons.

The other shapes of tables include square, rectangle, u-shaped, race ground shaped and modular tables too.

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Disadvantages of a small round conference table

Round tables might be very nice to look at and may contribute as an attractive additional decor to the room; they can be pretty inefficient as well. The perimeter of a small round table have less than eighty percent of that of a square table of the same dimensions. There is very little room for leg space in a sound conference table. There is even lesser space for keeping the personal possessions such as notepads and laptops. There could be hitting of elbows when there are too many people sitting around one.

Users Size (feet) Size (inches)
2 3 36
4 4.5 54
6 5 60
8 8 96
10 10 120

How Much Does A Small Meeting Room Table Cost?

The costs of a round table depend on what wood it is made up of the additional designs and embossments on the table. The price of the small conference tables range from forty seven dollars to three thousand three hundred. The design on the table adds to the charm and beauty.

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What Are The Different Kinds Of White Conference Tables?

There are various types of white conference tables which are quite popular. Some of them are:

Using a small oval conference table at meetings

Winsome Wood 29 Round Dining Table Black w/Metal Leg

The Winsome Wood 29″ Round Dining Table; Black w/Metal Leg is a fashion statement. It is a gorgeous and stylish table with the black and chrome. What stands out about it is the fantastic finishing around it. The simple yet elegant design with a central support adds flair to the overall look. The chrome support column brings a dash of retro appearance.

This table weighs fourteen kilograms and the dimensions are 73 x 73 x 74.9 cm. The number of pieces are four. It is made up of durable MDF fibre wood and has a black matte finish and a metal leg with chrome finish.


  • Solid and stable
  • This table allows for seating all around the table and not meant just for the corners
  • Simple top
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Compact and works well in small space too
  • Flexible enough to be used outdoor as well


  • Could be too small for comfort if serving must be done at the table

What Customers Say

While customers like its looks and how easy it is to assemble, some of them felt that it was to small to fit in four people comfortably, and also that the laminate gets work off very easily when a stain remover is used. Despite its issues, this is a much loved product.

A small glass conference table will perk up your décor

47 Glass Desk or Meeting Table with Elegant Modern Base

Why is the 47″ Glass Desk or Meeting Table with Elegant Modern Base better than many? Well, this 47” inch glass desk or meeting table has an elegant modern base which adds flair to any household or office premises. The appealing and modern looks speak for the table itself. With a thick premium tampered glass top, it is well constructed and designed.

This table has the dimensions of 47 inch x 47 inch x 30 inch.


  • Stable and durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Multipurpose as a small meeting table or a snack table


  • There is almost always a risk with glass

What Customer Says

Customers have rated this product highly and are happy with the product overall. But, not many were too comfortable about shipping a glass table for their home office use.

Is a small white conference table a good buying option?

Poppin White Touchpoint Meeting Table 42

The Poppin White Touchpoint Meeting Table, 42″, White Legs is actually worth a shot. This small white conference table showcases a classic look with its timeless white. The table seats up to four people. It is made up of high pressure laminate with a one inch top. It is a touch point meeting table that has powder coated steel base. The level guiding glides ensure that the table does not get tipsy and fall off. The table is stable and steady due to the support system.

The Poppin White Touchpoint Meeting Table, 42″, White Legs is one of the most popular choices for small conference rooms and compact places. The table being white has its own merits. You can spot the dirt and clean it immediately.


  • Can custom based on your tastes, preferences and the room
  • Solid support making the table sturdy and reliable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Exceeds expectations of BIFMA standards


  • White could be an issue with some people

What Customer Says

Customers appreciate the look of class and style that come with this table. The sturdy and strong look is a win-win.

Go classic with a small black conference table in your room

Regency Cain 42-Inch Round Breakroom Table

Do you want to know what the Regency Cain 42-Inch Round Breakroom Table is like? To begin with, it is quite the looker! The mocha walnut colour of the furniture is elegantly shaded and glamorous in almost a very clichéd way. The top of the table is built with a one inch thick thermal fused melamine. It is finished with a black t-mold edge band. The Regency Cain 42-Inch Round Breakroom Table come with hidden adjustable glides that ensure that the table is firm on its legs.

The table is flexible enough to be used in various places such as restaurants, cafes, lunch rooms, conference rooms, training rooms etc.

This table weighs 58 pounds and have measurements of 42 x 42 x 29 inches.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable and sturdy
  • The protection on the table provided by the thermal fused melamine prevents burns, stains, scratches, and bruises.
  • The black PVC edge is an added protection
  • Solid steel legs with textured powder finish coating
  • Adjustable glides that make table stand well
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light weight and manoeuvrable


  • Needs some drilling work to assemble
  • No instruction manual attached

Customer review

Customers need to drill a hole in order to assemble the table. But the table is overall a winner. It is a fine table at a fair asking price.

A shapely small rectangular conference table is a great fit

Square Modern Conference Room Table Dark Olive Wood Laminate

The Square Modern Conference Room Table, Dark Olive Wood Laminate – Pacifica Collection adds a modern sense of aesthetic appeal to the room on the whole. The sleek and laminate desktops add a striking contrast to the polished aluminium legs. The cornices are tapered.

The 75” thick solid core top has a laminated surface. One of its legs includes wire management routing space. This wire routing keeps the cords out of the way there by avoiding a messy and disorganised look.

It has an optional data port that can be added on if and when necessary. The table truly keeps up with the times by adding the option of  a desktop grommet hole with data port capabilities that can help you be connected through the meetings.

The table weighs 827.7 pounds and the dimensions are 47 x 47 x 30 inch.

The Square Modern Conference Room Table, Dark Olive Wood Laminate – Pacifica Collection comes with a nine year guarantee.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Scratch resistant
  • Durable and strong
  • Does not wear and tear easily
  • Greenguard certified
  • Easy to assemble


  • Could be a little large and bulky

Customer feedback

The data port is an impressive addition to the furniture. In this day and age, customers find that a helpful feature of the Square Modern Conference Room Table, Dark Olive Wood Laminate. Wire routing keep the look organised.

Pair your tables with small conference table chairs to complete your set

Regency Cain 36-Inch Square Breakroom Table Grey

You need to know a little bit about the Regency Cain 36-Inch Square Breakroom Table, Grey, and 4 Zeng Stack Chairs, Black – it is a nicely finished furniture with a one inch thick thermal fused melamine. It has cast metal x base. The table features four black zeng stack chairs. The stack chairs have their own advantages. They are easy to store and arrange. The chairs are light weight and comfortable with an antimicrobial agent. This is very good for health care facilities.

The room is flexible and can be used in any environment such as restaurants, cafes, lunch rooms, training rooms and conference rooms. The hidden adjustable glides ensure that the table does not tip in any one direction and throw things off of the table. These chairs are reinforced with a black metal frame that can make it withstand up to four hundred pounds of weight. They have a built in carrying handle that makes it easy to move and transport.


  • Very comfortable to sit on
  • Color permeated seat adds lustre
  • Versatile in nature
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Wipes easy
  • Strain, burn and scratch resistant
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Treated with anti-microbial agent making it safe for health care facilities

Customer feedback

The Regency Cain 36-Inch Square Breakroom Table, Grey, and 4 Zeng Stack Chairs has impressed customers with its anti-microbial agent and easy to clean and maintain features. The stackable chairs are a matter of convenience to the customers.

Fitting your budget in with a cheap small conference table

Regency Cain 42-Inch Round Breakroom Table

Are you on a budget? Then why don’t you think of buying the BUSH BUSINESS FURNITURE Bush Furniture Round Conference Table, Hansen Cherry/Galaxy? This cheap small conference table seats four people comfortably. The durable melamine has scratch and stain resistant properties that ensure that the table stays clean and safe. It is available in six different finishes and can be customised according to your tastes and preferences along with the outlook of the conference room. It comfortably accommodates four people at one stretch.

The table measures 41 ½ in diameter and 29 ¾ in height. The top comes with a one inch thick melamine. The protective PVC edge banding is a big boon. The BUSH BUSINESS FURNITURE Bush Furniture Round Conference Table, Hansen Cherry/Galaxy comes with a ten year warranty. It is designed to provide support for all the hard work that takes place in the office.

There are up to eighteen ultra functional pieces and many configurations to choose from when it comes to the BUSH BUSINESS FURNITURE Bush Furniture Round Conference Table, Hansen Cherry/Galaxy.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • The glides prevent table from toppling and falling
  • Easy maintenance
  • Scratch resistant and stain proof
  • Solid x panel provides stability and strength to the product


  • The BUSH BUSINESS FURNITURE Bush Furniture Round Conference Table, Hansen Cherry/Galaxy is not easy to assemble.

Customer feedback

Whilst some customers find this table hard to assemble, others appreciate the whole sturdy and nice look. It is attractive and serves the purpose very well.

Pick a good small conference table for office with our choice

BUSH BUSINESS FURNITURE Bush Furniture Round Conference Table

The BUSH BUSINESS FURNITURE Bush Furniture Round Conference Table Hansen Cherry Galaxy is the best of the lot. It is durable and the melamine coating is scratch resistant and stain resistant. The solid base makes this a stable table! This comes in a variety of finishes which means it can be customised to your needs.


  • Seats four people comfortably
  • Has a diamond coat work surface and protective PVC edge
  • Available in multiple finishes


  • Assembly is troublesome
  • A little heavier than normal
  • Not for heavy weights

Customer Review

A top rated product on ecommerce websites. All customers who reviewed this felt that it delivered everything it promised. A few minor complaints about its weight when shipped, but overall it is a well-loved product.