Round Conference Table

Why Do You Need This Table?

The conference table is an essential part of a conference room. The location of the table along with where who sit could indicate how the conference could go. The shape of the conference table could be directly related to the end result.

There are inherent and implied meanings associated with the round conference table. One of them is to signify that everyone sitting at the table is equal. King Arthur definitely thought so. It appeared as if no one was in charge. This is was irrespective of a named leader.

Advantages of a round conference table

  • It provides a sense of comfort and positive environment in the conference room. A square or a rectangle table may not be as reassuring or comforting
  • In case more members have to be added to the conference, just chairs need to be added to the round table. The luxury is not available on square or rectangle table. One could be forced to sit at an awkward angle at the corner of the square or rectangle table.
  • This is the perfect shape of a conference table when collaborative activities have to be done. Customer interactions and joint decision making can be done fairly impeccably on a round conference table.

Disadvantages of a round conference table

  • They can cause tipping dangers if they stand on a single centre pedestal
  • Lack of personal space for laptop or note pads and stationary
  • Too big a table would mean too much distance between the people
  • Distance is more across the table. So the voice might not carry over too much. This leads to inconvenience to the speaker or the presenter.

Why prefer the round conference table over others?

The place where the people who are part of the conference are seated and the seating positions are important. On a square table, in case there are too fewer people are too many people are always disadvantages. Too fewer people make the square and rectangle people look empty. Too many people and some will have the awkward and uncomfortable corner of the table.

With a round table, everyone can be evenly placed around the table, each person equidistant from one another and everyone can see each other. The round conference table literally takes preference over the tables for this purpose.

Conference rooms are not just for conferences. They could be used for meeting up with clients, conducting interviews and training the employees. The key is in the presentation. The presentation could also depend on the over all design of the room and the feeling that it gives out. Positive vibes are given out when the room is positive and does not in any way cause discomfort or a sense of uneasiness.  The round conference table most definitely adds to the aesthetic sense. The more attractive and well decorated it is, the better for everything associated with it.

The ambience and the unique character of the room could depend on the furnishing and the decor. The decision of choosing the appropriate conference table should not be taken lightly. Since the focal point of the conference room is the conference table, it should be picked keeping in mind the room in which it is placed. The room should not take up the whole room as such, neither should it stand in the corner of the room in a discreet and indistinguishable manner. The factors related to the room that should be taken into consideration include lighting, the colour of the walls and floor, dimensions, doors, walls and ceiling height, etc. The connecting ports and phone jacks must be at a convenient distance from the table.

Conference tables today come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular shapes are round and oval. A regular conference table is mostly sixty inches wide and 24 inches of depth. The final finishing of the table is mostly monogamy. The rich look is essential.  Video conferences take place too. The company cannot afford to have a conference room that is by any standard less impressive or ordinary looking. The first item to spruce up in order to liven the over all look of the room is the conference table.

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Price range of the round conference tables

The price of a table will depend on what it is made up of. Whilst ordinary wood would be of average price, teak and red wood would cost a lot more. The diameter and the circumference have a bearing on the price as well.

A round table of forty-eight inches diameter and medium cherry thermally fused laminate (TFL) begins at the price of two hundred and seventy dollars. when additional features and benefits such as superior resistance to stains and scratches come at an extra cost. Round storable conference tables (med oak) cost around 380 dollars.

Most popular types of round conference tables

A Compact Round Conference Table for 4, ideal for small offices

BUSH BUSINESS FURNITURE Bush Furniture Round Conference Table

This product seats four people in a comfortable and convenient manner. The dimensions are 41 ½ inches in diameter. The height is 29 ¾ inches high and it weighs 69 pounds. This table comes with a ten-year warranty.

The product has up to eighteen ultra-functional pieces and various configurations to choose from. The flexibility that comes with the package encourages the business to grow and flourish. It is not very space consuming and is very satisfying to the customer with respect to the quality and strength of the table.


  • The solid panel base delivers a strong and stable table
  • The table is durable and can survive the test of time
  • Scratch resistant and stain resistant


  • Assembling could be difficult

Simple seating, a round conference table for 6 is what you need

Lorell Oval Conference Table, Top and Base, 72 by 36 by 29-1/2-Inch, Mahogany

This table features a slab base design along with high pressure. The table is part of the Lorell 87000 series. The laminated top is one and a quarter inch thick laminate top.

The style is contemporary and keeping up with the times. The product comes with a five year limited warranty. The make of the round table is office like.


  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Matches with the already existing furniture


  • Packing could be an issue

Elegant and spacious a round conference table for 8 is ideal

BUSH BUSINESS FURNITURE Bush Furniture Racetrack Conference Table, Savannah Beech/Slate

This racetrack conference table has sufficient space to comfortably seat six people. The durable one inch thick melamine work has a surface that is scratch resistant and stain resistant. It is covered with a diamond coat top layer. It also has a protective PVC edge banding.


  • This table comes with adjustable floor levellers.
  • It is available in six finishes.
  • Ten year warranty guaranteed


  • Assembly required

Room for everyone – a round conference table for 10 is what you need

10′ Mahogany Racetrack Conference Table

At a price of fewer than five hundred dollars, this 10′ Mahogany Racetrack Conference Tables are a steal. The table can seat ten people comfortably. The product is clean and keeping in touch with the contemporary style. It most definitely brings beauty and charm to the room in a rich way. The laminate top and base offer protection to the conference table. Three mm PVC is used to prevent edges from knocks and bumps. It weighs close to 270 lbs. The dimensions are 120 x 52 x 6 x 27 x 28 x 29 inches height.


  • Greenguard certified
  • Genuine wood guarantees durability and strength
  • Fine and fashionable craftsmanship
  • The modular design allows flexibility in the long run.
  • Good serviceability


  • Assembly could be a little hard.

Royal charm the round conference table for 12 is perfect

Regency Legacy 120-inch Racetrack Conference Table with Power Date Grommet – Mahogany

This conference table is part of the Legacy’s conference collection. This table seats eight to ten people comfortably. What makes this table stand out from many others is the fact that it comes with a port for power and data. In this day and age when everything is done online, the internet and computers / laptops are crucial in the everyday life. These ports make life easy for the person. the adjustable glides beneath the base of the table are convenient for placing the electronic gadgets and accessing them with ease.

The dimensions are 47 x 120 x 29 inches. It weights approximately 270 pounds. Customers are quite satisfied with this product because of its flexibility and for it being multipurpose in nature.


  • Three mm commercial grade
  • PVC edge
  • Neat and clean look because of the black cover plate for the ports.
  • Stain, scratch and burn resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable and guaranteed quality
  • Ten year minimum guarantee


  • May not be shippable outside of the country

Are cheap round conference tables any good?

basyx BLC48DNN BL Laminate Series Round Conference Table, 48 by 29.5-Inch, Mahogany

This table is practical for all intents and purposes.  The furniture can be utilised for various situations. It is professional looking enough for meetings and at the same time classy and enough to have lunch on. Having edibles on the table in no ways causes any damage or depreciation to it.

The table weighs 120 pounds and measures 48 x 48 x 29.5 inches. The top shape is round and the thickness of the top is one inch. The height of the table is 29 ½ inches. The top colour of mahogany adds to the lustre and charm of the look.


  • Multipurpose furniture
  • Easy maintenance
  • Stain resistant lamination
  • Dirt and dust can be wiped clean with ease and speed
  • Adjustable glides help to level the furniture when placed on uneven ground


  • Does not accept PO Box for delivery. A physical address is only needed.

The best round conference table – our choice just for you

Lorell Oval Conference Table, Top and Base, 72 by 36 by 29-1/2-Inch, Mahogany

This oval conference table is a part of Loral 87000 series. This laminated wooden furniture has a slab based design. The table top is oval in shape and has one to one and a quarter inch thick laminated top.

The product dimensions are 73.2 x 38.6 x 3.5 inches. It weighs 105.8 pounds over all.

Most customers have rated the product over four stars because of the satisfaction provided by it. It withstands high pressure too. The contemporary style of the table lights up the room in a very natural and aesthetic way. The fact that this table is eco friendly adds to the goodwill over all. Customers like to use products that do not add to the damage inflicted on the environment and global warming.


  • Eco conscious choice
  • Green guard certified
  • Easy to set up
  • No issues matching with existing look and furniture in the room


  • Is not delivered fully assembled