Why do you need office reception chairs?

Creating a healthy and happy workspace is a responsibility that you will need to carry if you make all the decisions at work. Office ergonomics is non-negotiable and making the most out of the space available is what keeps your workplace looking organized and convenient.

Among a number of things that your workplace is made of, office receptions chairs are significant additions since they primarily cater to your guests who come visiting. Whether it is about striking a conversation for an upcoming project or signing the final deal for an important partnership, office reception chairs witness it all.

While making sure that you have a lounge which is elegantly designed, do consider office reception chairs that combine style and comfort effortlessly.

What should you look for in reception room chairs?

Your reception area will speak volumes about the way you conduct business and this is why you need to create a scope for the right impression. Looking for commercial quality is the first step in choosing reception room chairs and office reception furniture. Whether you choose to pick traditional or contemporary designs, high maintenance custom fabric or low maintenance and durable fabric; ensure that you do not compromise in comfort.

The reception room chairs must be ergonomically designed. They should be able to provide firm yet adequate amount of support to the back and spine. At the same time the fabric should be skin-friendly and should be such that does not require high maintenance. Long hours of being seated could place considerable stress on the back that needs a proper posture and support and that can be taken care of by comfortable reception room chairs.

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  • Improves the aesthetic appeal of your workplace.
  • Your receptionist can’t wait to come to office.
  • Comfort comes first for you and that reflects in your office décor.


  • If your reception area is not spacious enough, reception room chairs would only add to the crowd.
  • The assembly could be slightly complicated initially.

How to find a modern reception chair?

If you are the type who believes in always keeping your workspace uncluttered yet looks for contemporarily styled furniture, a modern reception chair is what you must consider for your office.

With minimalist designs and maximum comfort, these reception chairs ensure that your office looks as updated as your business module is. With not a hint of tradition, modern reception chair, with their easy-to-clean fabric, are ruling the roost in most offices where greeting a client is not just about offering tea or coffee but about taking it a step ahead. Look for ones with low maintenance, durable fabric and chic designs.


  • Lightweight design makes it easier to shift from one place to another.
  • Durable fabric ensures low maintenance.
  • Adds a unique style statement to boring spaces.


  • Loses a touch of originality because modern styles tend to be repetitive.
  • Is not classy enough for offices that deal with traditional business modules.

What benefits do leather reception chairs offer?

Is there anything that leather upholstery cannot impress? There is something about genuine and durable leather reception chairs that the best of class cannot seem to ignore. It is all about having the right eye to detail.

Since time immemorial, leather furniture has been included compulsorily in workplaces because of the sophistication it comes along with. This is what most business owners look for; class, elegance and originality.

What sharp and sleep cuts and colors can’t do, leather can manage effortlessly and investing in original leather reception chairs is like leasing a property for business on the most lucrative streets of the city.


  • Spells sophistication and elegance from all sides.
  • Instantly impresses people who come down to visit.
  • Highly durable if the leather purchased is authentic.


  • Could be heavier to move around.
  • Might take up more space than the sleeker options.

Why do you need reception chairs with arms?

When you seat yourself somewhere, what is it that you look for the most? An arm rest! Relaxation is of immense importance in between long and tiring sessions at work which is why a reception chair with arms is a highly sought after product.

If you are planning to buy one, ensure that the arm rest is padded enough to actually help your employees relax and unwind. This seating position is also ergonomic which ensures that the back, arms and feet are in perfect alignment.


  • Ergonomic position of seating.
  • Helps ease the stress and unwind in between long hours of work.
  • Looks comfortably stylish.


  • Might be difficult to move into cramped office spaces because of the arm rest provided with it.
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Why reception lounge chairs are doing the rounds these days

Move over traditionally designed furniture and take a look at the urban chic reception lounge chairs that are being sought after by most workplaces these days. Why? Because they look unique, enliven work spaces and add freshness to mundane meeting rooms.

Why does a reception area need to be boring? Have you ever thought of revamping that area of your office where you will be receiving your most important business clients? If you haven’t already, consider reception lounge chairs in vibrant colors or monochromes to add spunk to the interiors. Sleek, fashionable and modern; these will never disappoint you when your clients come for a surprise visit.


  • Modern styling ensures your reception area is always updated.
  • Available in vibrant colors to break the monotony of office monochromes.
  • Sleep and light in weight to aid easy mobility.


  • Might not suit your taste if you are fonder of intricately designed furniture.

What are reception office chairs?

Reception office chairs are placed in the area where you meet or greet your clients and request them to be seated till you are prepared to meet them in your cabin. Your receptionists as well as your clients need comfortable seating arrangements because the former put in long hours of work in the same position which could cause considerable backaches. The latter needs to be impressed with your work structure which begins with how ergonomically your office is designed.


  • Reception office chairs are designed to provide long hours of comfort.
  • Some come along with breathable back covers to keep down the heat.
  • Adjustable reception back chairs are designed for ultimate comfort.
  • Most of them are cushioned to keep the lower half your body well-supported.


  • Most reception office chairs tend to be armless and that instantly takes away a chunk of comfort from them.
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The best reception chairs in the US

How good is the BT-1404-GC black reception chair?


Flash Furniture BT-1404-GG Black Leather Guest/Reception Chair

A simply designed yet highly functional black reception chair, the BT-1404-GC is what you should buy if you are looking reasonably-priced furniture. It has a breathable mesh back that keeps you feeling comfortable even with extended hours of usage.



  • Perfectly suitable for those on a budget.
  • Height adjustability makes the product highly sought after.
  • Breathable mesh back keeps you comfortable through hot summers.


  • The bottom could have a thicker foam cushion.
  • Is not durable enough.


  • The product dimensions are 54.6*57.2*87.6 cm

General feeling of customers

Customers are happy with the pricing of the product and the features available under it but they could do with more padding on the seat because it is to be used for longer hours.

How is the BT-1404-WH-GG white reception chair faring?

Flash Furniture BT-1404-WH-GG White Leather Guest/Reception Chair

A sturdy, comfortable and durable white reception chair, the BT-1404-WH-GG is the perfect solution to that empty space in your lounge because the color, the design and the functionality are bound to bowl you and your guests over.



  • Reasonably-priced.
  • Sturdy and comfortable.
  • Assembly is a breeze.


  • The cushions could feel quite hard to touch initially.
  • Some customers have found the assembly slightly confusing.


  • The product dimensions are 36*24*25 inches.

General feeling of customers

Most customers are happy with the way it has been designed because it does not only look great but also feels sturdy and comfortable. They find the assembly the easiest to and because of the cushioning and padding, sitting for long hours is never a problem.


Pick the best of the chairs for reception area


Boss Captain’s Chair In Black Vinyl

A traditionally designed mahogany finish chair for reception area, the Boss Captain’s chair in black vinyl is sturdy, versatile and classy. This chair is bound to add elegance to your reception area and is also sure to last for generations to come because of the make.



  • Frame is made of sturdy hardwood that will ensure durability.
  • Traditionally designed yet versatile enough to suit all types of work spaces.
  • The spring seat has a no-sag feature that adds to its durability.
  • The black vinyl upholstery is easy to clean.


  • Low-seating feature might not be liked by a few customers.
  • Casters cannot be added to this chair.


  • The product dimensions are 31*26*24 inches.

General feeling of customers

Customers find this chair absolutely irresistible because of the classy finish it has to offer. Combining tradition and versatility in one product, it offers a range of choices for it to be placed in your reception area.

Boss has the perfect guest reception chairs for your usage

Boss Traditional Black Caressoft Guest Chair Black

Boss Caressoft guest chair is your best bet for a guest reception chair you have been looking for ages. The button tufted styling adds a touch of tradition to this chair with a mahogany wood finish and with the cushioned and padded seat; you will not have to worry about aching backs.



  • Reasonably priced.
  • Beautiful and sturdy at the same time.
  • Classic design that is generally liked by all.


  • Might not be as mobile as the lighter counterparts


  • The product dimensions are 27*24.5*35.5

General feeling of customers

There is hardly any negative comment that the customers have to give about this chair. The make, durability, comfort and elegance of the chair makes it a hit among most customers who have used it.


How about a red reception chair from Flash Furniture?


Flash Furniture BT-1404-BURG-GG Burgundy Leather Guest/Reception Chair

Why do you need to compromise on style if you are looking for comfort? When both comfort and style come together in a red reception chair from Flash Furniture, it is sure to make your guests feel at ease when they visit you at your workplace.



  • Stylish design.
  • Thickly padded and comfortable seats.
  • Perfect fit for both office and people working from home.


  • Packing and unpacking could be a tad exhausting.


  • The product dimensions are 36*24*25 inches.

General feeling of customers

Almost 90% of the customers are extremely happy with the product and have recommended it to people they know. It has received five stars from a good deal of users because of the quality it delivers at an unbelievable price.

Modern office reception chairs for the latest designs

2xhome – Single (1) Black – Modern Mid back Ribbed PU leather with wheels arms Arm Rest

Have you looked for the highest quality at an affordable price? Modern office receptions chairs might sound way too expensive for your start-up but with 2*home offering an excellent executive office chair with adjustable height and tension control at an affordable price, what else could you ask for?



  • The price at which it is available is amazing.
  • Adds a touch of modernity to the interiors.
  • Seat height adjustability is possible.


  • The PU leather upholstery could be difficult to maintain for a long time.


  • The product dimensions are not clearly mentioned.

General feeling of customers

Customers have called this product an excellent bargain and it is not for nothing that it has been selling like hot cakes. With a comfortable seating that ensures you are never left with an aching back and an easy assembly, this chic looking chair is the perfect addition to your reception area.


Are you looking for reception chairs for sale?


Alera RL23LS10B – Reception Lounge Series Club Chair

If you have been looking for reception chairs for sale, Alera has the perfect solution for you. Not only does the Alera RL23LS10B look sturdy but is also ergonomically designed for the right posture. It is a lounge series club chair that will complement your reception environment effortlessly.



  • The look is stylish and classy.
  • Designed for perfect posture.
  • Leather upholstery adds a comfort factor.


  • It might not fit into traditionally designed offices.


  • The product dimensions are 36.6*32.3*27.6 inches.

General feeling of customers

Customers have found this chair classy and comfortable and first-time users have ordered for it a second and a third time. Its popularity shows how god the quality is.

Reception Chairs US have a lot of options to help you choose

To sum it all up, receptions chairs US have a wide spectrum of options to choose from and you can pick your favourite among a list of top rated products that are available in the market. Whether you want a high-end urban reception chair or a traditional wood finish frame to add a touch of elegance to your workspace; you will be spoilt for choices. Choosing the best reception chair will no longer seem a Herculean task for the perfectionist in you.