The reception desk modern offices love


What is the first thing that catches your eye when you walk into an office? Without a doubt it is the reception area and the furniture that makes it up. And the piece of furniture that takes up the most prominent space of them all is the reception desk.

Any successful organization, knows that this is no ordinary piece of furniture as it speaks a lot about the company. So what is the type of reception desk modern offices around the world choose to create that first impression?

Where can I find modern reception desk for sale?

The best place to get started would be a nearby furniture shop that will have a modern reception desk for sale. Walking into a store can give you that edge over online shopping as it lets you get a feel of the furniture.

Modern receptions desks can be expensive and buying one on sale helps you reduce the total cost of furniture. You can also always wait for a sale as office furniture is not something you plan on and set up overnight. But the downside could be that delivery is usually not done by the seller for furniture on sale and warranty could be limited

Why is a modern office reception desk important?

The reception area itself creates the first impression of your business. A modern office reception desk instantly communicates that you are in tune with the changing times and showcases your company’s core values.

It has the ability to make you stand out from the crowd and draw the attention away from your competitors. This can even make all the difference between winning or losing a new business. It also creates a conducive environment for work throughout the day.

Contemporary reception desks sometimes can leave people feeling vague or lost as they are new and unfamiliar. The right design can make all the difference.

Why should you choose a modern white reception desk?

The color white can be refreshing when it comes to contemporary office furniture as it breaks the usual wooden look that we are used to over the years. Moreover, white being a neutral color draws attention and also enhances other colors in your reception area.

A modern white reception desk is a sure shot way to impress your clients and customers. But it can be challenging to clean and maintain it. This is why it is important to choose materials wisely. Laminates, for e.g. in addition to being very affordable are easy to care for as they come in scratch and stain proof grades.

A small modern reception desk for a compact office

The space of the office reception area is a very important factor in deciding the size of your reception desk. There is no use in having a grand reception desk with no space to move around.

When space is limited, any extra piece of furniture can make your front office look cramped. So the size as well as the shape of your reception desk should be considered. For instance, an L shaped desk can give you more counter and desk space without taking up too much of the actual office space.

How to choose the perfect modern reception desk design

There is more to your reception desk than just adding style and storing those folders/stationery. As a good amount of time is spent at the desk by the users and since it takes up a sizeable portion of your office, it is important to choose the right modern reception desk design.

Pros and cons of various designs

  • Seated desks can cause users to hunch due to extended sitting and hence need to be at an optimal height
  • Standing desks look more professional but should again be optimized for the right height
  • L shaped and circular desks are both user friendly and guest friendly as they minimize movement for the user and give more space to walk around for the guest
  • Wooden and metal designs are longer lasting than their particle wood counterparts
  • Low height desks can accommodate guests of different heights
  • U-shape desks are both stylish and high on storage space
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Which is the modern reception desk US companies choose for their offices?

Space saving modern reception desk furniture


DFS Reception desk shell which fits a 15″ monitor – 60″ W by 30″ D by 44″

If you are on a hunt for modern reception desk furniture that takes less space, then the DFS reception desk shell will be a great choice. Designed to fit a standard 15″ monitor, it is perfect for managing your business transactions. The warm maple color greets your guests cheerfully, while the white front accent draws attention to your company’s logo.



  • It is both lightweight and sturdy
  • The1 inch thick laminate covering is scratch and stain proof
  • Front panel has a sleek white acrylic accent for the business logo
  • It comes with a grommet hole for organizing cables


  • The height of the desk is designed to fit a 15″ monitor and anything higher will stand out affecting its appeal

Dimensions : The desk measures 60″ W by 30″ D by 44″ H and can house a standard 15″ computer monitor.


The design and construction of the desk scores good points amidst customers. Another major plus is that it is very easy to assemble.

A modern reception desk white and grand for a royal welcome

Clinton Reception Desk in Black Oak with White Acrylic Front

Let your guests be awestruck with a grand welcome that the Clinton Reception Desk gives. The Black oak modern reception desk white in the front has great utilities hidden inside. The stained oak veneer with open grain finish adds a touch of elegance while its contemporary design adds style to your reception area.



  • It’s great on storage with 6 lockable drawers and two cube shelves
  • The desk comfortably seats two and has two metal grommets for wires
  • White acrylic front is perfect to incorporate your business logo


  • It can be a bit pricey due to the use of hardwood

Dimensions : This majestic wooden desk measures104.25″ W by 29.5″ D by 43.5″ H and is great on storage.


The product has extremely satisfied customers who love its stunning looks and quality. So it’s no wonder that it gets a full five star rating.


Pocket-friendly yet stylish modern curved reception desk

OFM Marque Series Plexi Single

OFM Marque Series Plexi Single-Unit Curved Reception Station

The OFM Marque Series Plexi Single-Unit Curved Reception Station is your answer to a modern curved reception desk that is budget friendly. The steel frames accentuate the wooden finish while the plexi glass gives it a more modern look. It is available in cherry, maple and walnut finishes to suit different interior requirements.

OFM Marque Series Plexi Single 2


  • Curved design is user friendly with good leg room
  • It is super light weighing only 146 pounds
  • Can be assembled without tools


  • The transaction top depth of only 13″ might feel a little small for some businesses

Dimensions : The desk is quite roomy with a 42″ wide work space and measures 68″ W by 19″ D by 45″ H.

OFM Marque Series Plexi Single 3

This curved reception desk is popular amidst customers due to its style and ease with which it can be assembled. It is also light on your pocket and easily scores a five star rating.

Ultra-professional L shaped reception desk

Officient Neoterik L-shaped Reception Desk with Mobile Pedestal

The Officient Neoterik L-shaped Reception Desk will effortlessly impress your guests with its striking design. The L shaped reception desk with its Mocha laminate and frosted plexi glass gives it an ultra modern look. There is enough room and more for everything you will need at the desk making it the choice for an organized and professional looking reception area.

Officient Neoterik L-shaped Reception Desk


  • Mobile pedestal with casters and three draws one of which is a hanging file
  • The L portion can be assembled either to the right or left
  • More space for guests with counters extending to the return of the desk
  • 9 years guarantee


  • As the frosted plexi glass is translucent it will require the desk to be free of clutter at all times to maintain the aesthetic appeal

Dimensions : The reception desk measures 79.5”W by 39”D by 44”H and has an impressive counter space for your guests

Officient Neoterik L-shaped Reception Desk 2

This L shaped reception desk has many happy customers due to its brilliant design and ease of assembly, not to forget that the pedestal comes preassembled. The average customer rating is 4 to 5 stars.

Officient Neoterik L-shaped Reception Desk 3

Modern glass counter reception desk for a sleek look


2pc 12′ Feet Modern Glass Counter Reception Desk Set

Give your office the sleek and clean look of a modern glass counter reception desk with the 2pc 12′ Feet Modern Glass Counter Reception Desk Set #CH-AMB-R14. The black cherry color gives it a touch of sophistication while the smooth glass top finish counter gives it a modern twist.



  • The counter is easy to maintain as it is made of 1 inch melamine that is scratch, stain and burn proof
  • The 2 pieces of desk give a lot of counter space for the guests
  • Well placed grommets for managing cables
  • 10 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects


  • There are no storage draws or shelves but additional pedestal storage can be added under the desks or balanced with complimentary storage tables

Dimensions : This glass counter reception desk measures 142″W x 36″D x 42″H and can comfortably seat two.


A five star rating by customers speaks for the product’s quality and design. This desk will surely be a worthy addition to any business which likes a professional and a well organized reception area.

A simple yet modern black reception desk for your front office

Clinton Reception Desk in Black Oak with White Acrylic Front

The Alera Valencia Series Reception Desk with counter, gives your guest a feel of elegance as they enter the reception area. This modern black reception desk has a unique bow shaped counter for a distinct look and the dark Espresso finish brings out its beauty.



  • Care and maintenance is easy with laminate panels and surfaces that are water, scratch and stain resistant
  • Thick, 3mm edge banding for safety and two grommets for cable management
  • Extremely good looking and competitively priced
  • Can be customized with a return for an L shaped workstation


  • It does not have any storage drawers and hence those need to be purchased separately

Dimensions : 75.2″ W x 5.9″ D x 45.5″ H


All customers who purchased the product have given it a five star rating for its sturdy construction and ease of assembly. The space under the desk can be easily customized as desired with extra drawers for storage.


Which modern reception desk US offices should invest in?

So there you have it! We have done our bit of research and handpicked some of the best modern reception desk US front offices can flaunt. After careful consideration of the financial part, you should choose one that reflects your core values. It should not just be stylish and elegant but should also be functional.

So go ahead, choose that perfect reception desk for your office and leave a lasting impression on your guests to make them feel sure about doing business with you!