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Buying office chair has become a complex affair. There are so many of them available in the market with a host of unique features. Also, many of them are at affordable prices. Doing research and comparing products could be a herculean task. Here we present an unbiased office star air grid review which will help you assess if this is indeed the right product for you.

Suitability analysis of office star air grid chair 

The office star air grid chair is best suited for small, medium and large sized offices where there is significant amount of desk jobs. You may also consider investing in it if you are working from home. It is important that you choose to sit in the right type of chair while you work long hours. One pertinent thing that the company or individual intending to buy it should consider is the price. It is reasonably priced when you make a standalone analysis. However, if you have large organisation, then the cumulative outlay for this type of chair across the organisation could be substantial.

Pros and Cons of office star professional air grid chair

There are many pros and cons pertaining to office star professional air grid chair, we discuss the main ones here

  • Air grid – Although the breathable mesh is a common feature among most office chairs these days, this product offers Breathable Air Grid® mesh. This is a patented technology; which lets in extra air. This also provides additional support for seated tasks, while relax your back.
  • Adjustability – The adjustability feature here is unique. It offers a 2-to-1 synchro-tilt. This allows the user to adjust back and seat angle together. This is a great positive, since many people keep going back and forth between multiple levers to get the right tilt and angle.
  • Reasonable price – For the price it is quoting, the chair is a great buy. Even individuals who work for long hours at home can opt for this. It is quite affordable.
  • Sturdy base – this is again a five star base which allows for even distribution of weight. The wheels are specifically designed for carpet use.
  • Casters unsuitable for all floor types – The casters are specifically designed for carpet use, they may not suit other types of floors. You may have to invest in separate set of casters for other floor types.
  • Not suitable for extreme heights – users who are exceptionally tall or too short have found it uncomfortable. The height adjustment does not enable them to sit comfortably. The legs are strained in both the cases.
  • No lower back support – Like many other chairs, this one too fails to provide lower back support, this could strain anyone with lower back pain. The lumbar back support is insufficient and could lead to back cramps especially after long hours of sitting.
  • No forward tilt – The chair does not tilt forward, many people prefer tilting forward during the long hours that they put in.

What does office star 5500 task chair offer?

The office star 5500 task chair has padded seat which is a unique feature in the series. Apart from this it offers some of the standard features such as seat adjustment between 18.75 inches to 21 inches. The overall weight that it can take is the standard 250 lbs like the rest of the chairs from the series. This chair also offers the trademark airgrid mesh back.

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Unique features of office star 5560 air grid chair

The office star 5560 air grid is specifically designed to ease back pain. It offers great lumber back support. Like the rest of the products from the series, it offers the same type of adjustability and comfort features. It is quite light weight at 40 pounds overall weight. 2-to-1 synchro-tilt is a great feature that is available only under this brand.

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Unique features of office star 5700e chair

Apart from the regular Airgrid and 2 in 1 synchro tilt feature, the office star 5700e chair offers padded bonded leather seat for extra comfort. The minimum and maximum seat adjustment is 19 “ – 25”. This product could suit tall individuals, since there are very few chairs which adjust beyond 21”. The fabric material used is recycled leather, polyurethane and nylon / polyester. Thus, the material used is quite unique in office star 5700e chairs. Most other chairs in the series use nylon and polyester mainly, along with a small percentage of cotton.

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Assessing the ergonomic design of office star professional air grid chair

The office star professional air grid chair offers good lumber back support. The special air grid ensures that the back is relaxed during long sitting hours. The 2-in-1 synchro tilt which enables adjustment of seat height and angle simultaneously is indeed a great feature. Not many chairs from competitors offer this feature at this price. The forward bending is missing this this chair, for intensive work, people prefer to tilt a little forward. The lower back support is also not great, many users have complained about getting back cramps after long hours of sitting on this chair.

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Assessing the durability of office star air grid deluxe task chair

The office star air grid deluxe task chair is built for the long haul. The brand has been in the market for long and has a significant market presence. They are considered to give the same benefit that orthopaedic chairs provide. The materials used are of superior quality, the company is a pioneer in introducing new technology. Both the air grid feature and the 2 in 1 synchro tilt feature are unique. The frame is extremely sturdy and do not wear or tear due to repeated use. Fabric, upholstery, mesh are of superior quality.

Assessing the comfort factor and material used in office star professional air grid managers chair

The office star professional air grid managers chair is extremely comfortable and the benefits are often compared to orthopaedic chairs. The design and material used are superior.The downside is that the lower back support is not great and the length of the arm could be short for people who are tall.

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Taking a peek at office star air grid customers review

Office star air grid customers review indicates that it is a great value for money. For people of average height this is a great chair. Also, the air grid provides extra air which keeps the back dry especially during humid climates. The lack of lower back support seems to be a problem. The setting up process could also be cumbersome. The overall weigh to the chair is light at around 40 pounds, much lower than some of its competitors.

Shopping for office chairs online is a pain, especially when the chair you’re sitting on hurts. So after some research I decided to go for this one. I work from home and I’m on the computer quite a bit. Are there better chairs out there? Probably. I spent 17 hours one day with my butt stuck to this one while on the computer and my body didn’t complain. Can’t really ask any better than that.
This chair designed as an acceptable substitute/imitation of the famous Aeron office chair, costing a sixth the Aeron’s price, but with most of the comfort and ergonomics.

However, the chair I received has a defect in the way the back material is attached to the sides via staples. Just after 30 days of owning the chair (after Amazon’s return period expired), the staples are coming out on one side, and I fear the back material will start separating from the sides soon. I’m pushing the staples back in every once in a while, but they’re not holding firmly and come out again shortly thereafter. Some are already completely out.


Conclusion based on office star air grid review

The detailed office star air grid review indicates that this product is great value for money and is best suited for office. Given the price tag and affordability, it can also find a place in your home office.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying office star air grid

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