Why do we need a Modern Conference Table?

Modern Conference Table

Conference rooms are the places where innovative ideas are created. Whatever the meeting might be – brainstorming session or a general status meeting or client video conference or a knowledge transfer session, the meeting attendees should be provided the best comfort in order to get their complete concentration and best ideas.Furniture makes the dull room lively.Modern Conference tables ensure a futuristic thought process in the employee and also depict the company’s growth. During client visits it gives a feel good factor and trust to the clients for investing in that company.

What are the advantages of modern conference room tables?

The main feature and maximum utilized component of a conference room is the conference tables. These come in different sizes, shapes, modern features (e.g. inbuilt electrical units), color and material as per the requirement of the conference room. A meeting attendee should never feel discomfort in anyways since that would hinder their work. A modern conference table makes sure that it provides all the comfort and concentration to bring out great ideas. Any company which invests for its employee’s comfort and well-being will show better productivity. Modern conference tables are a definite requirement for the employees and company’s development.


  • Comfort: It provides maximum comfort and satisfaction.
  • Modern and aesthetic look: The designs are innovative and reflect to your company’s brand. A look at it would provide the clients a trust on the company’s growth in the right direction.
  • Modern features: Few conference tables contain inbuilt electrical sockets to connect computers or telephones or projectors.Few have additional self or extension boards below the table to place the note pad and pens.
  • Avoids clutters:  Since the table is designed in such a way it has space to handle all the equipment(phone, laptops, computers, projectors,notes,pens)
  • Since the users are comfortable they are able to perform their task without any hindrance and creates more
  • Feature adjustments: Few features can be adjusted as per the user requirement. Say the height does not suit; it can be increased or reduced.Similarly the size can also be adjusted.

What’s keeping the modern conference room table from being the best product?


  • Tedious to assemble: Sometimes the complicated assembling steps will take a longer time to install.
  • First time user might not understand the modern features. There are many users who use these modern conference tables unaware of few additional features.
  • Expensive: Its features make it a bit pricey, and could be out of your office décor budget.

How is modern conference room table design better than others?

When compared with other types of tables, the modern conference table design outstands all making it the preferred option. The design increases the usability, comfort, and aesthetics. There are many users who do not know what they want and end up investing more in normal tables. They tend to buy a table for each of their requirement. This will give a disorganized look and it reflects directly on the company’s brand. On the other hand, a modern conference table satisfies your entire requirement in their design.The design goes way above your current needs and also works on satisfying your future needs.

What make a conference room table modern in comparison?

The price ranges approximately from 160$ to 1500$ respectively for the basic to high-end models. The more features that are added to the table, the higher the price.

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What are the most popular types of Modern Office Conference Tables in the market?

With the vast varieties of modern conference tables, you might get confused about what to buy. So the thumb rule is you need to prioritize and finalize your requirements. Below is a description on the few types of conference tables which will easier your decision making while shopping.

Most popular types are

How is a Modern Round Conference Table going to help you work better?

Round Conference Table Espresso Finish Brushed Nickle Legs At Work Collection

The Round Conference Table, Espresso Finish/Brushed Nickel Legs – At Work Collection is something you will like if you are looking for a basic small conference table for a small room. It can be used by three to four users comfortably.


  • It’s got base made of nickel.
  • The top is made of laminated floating round wooden material. Top measures to 42”
  • Color is very appealing espresso brown.
  • Leveling glides are available.


  • Solid base structure gives a very good support.
  • The leveling glides ensure that it can be used in any kind of surface. Adapts to the surface
  • The wooden top is laminated and provides scratch and stain resistance.
  • It’s durable and strong.
  • Light weight and easily portable
  • Assembling it is very simple and instructions are clearly provided.


  • This cannot be used for more meetings with more than 4 people.
  • If the conference calls for more equipment like phones, computer etc., it’s tough to accommodate them.
  • It will give a cluttered or disorganized look when more users are using it.

What Customers Think

Customers whose requirements are for only 3 to 4 users’ are satisfied with this product. Few customers using it in their home are also happy since it’s easy to handle and doesn’t occupy the entire room space.

How is a modern industrial conference table compare to the rest?

OFM 55111-CHY Multiuse Table Cherry with Silver Frame 24 by 48-Inch

The OFM 55111-CHY Multiuse Table Cherry with Silver Frame, 24 by 48-Inch is a modern industrial conference table that really stands out. This table is a perfect fit in classrooms or office where many can use it simultaneously. It is a very comfortable product for a huge team. It’s a modern industrial conference table.


  • This product uses the snap and lock technology. Hence assembling is very easy and requires no tools.
  • Base is sturdy and made of powder coated steel frames.
  • Melamine finish gives an appealing look.
  • Leveling glides and casters (wheels) are also available.
  • Color is cherry.
  • It’s a rectangular table with dimensions 24 by 48 inches.


  • Assembling is very simple with no tools requirement.
  • The product has the leveling glides and casters to suit your requirement. So easily portable.
  • The table is sturdy and can be used for high work load.
  • Many objects can be kept without cluttering the place.


  • This product can be used only in a spacious room.
  • The product parts are not durable. Many complaints are recorded about it.
  • This will not work, for users who require keyboard self-space.
  • Not a durable product.

What customers think

This product is been appreciated by lots of users for its high work-load-bearing capacity. But when it comes to durability it’s a big failure.

Why is a modern wood conference table a good bet?

Modern Boat Shaped 12 Feet Conference Table OF-CON-C123

If you are looking for a unconventional look and feel to your office space then a modern wood conference table is a good choice. Especially if it is the Modern Boat Shaped 12′ Feet Conference Table, #OF-CON-C123. The boat shaped table gives an elegant look to the conference room. This can be used for a big team. It also has a storage unit which is a welcome feature.


  • Available in many colors like cherry, honey, mahogany, espresso.
  • Storage units with lock and keys are available. The sliding drawers have steel ball bearings which support easy open and close.
  • Leveling slides are available.
  • Two grommet holes are also available.
  • Dimension is 144”W * 32/48”D * 29”H
  • Base is sturdy and wooden top is high-pressure PVC laminated.


  • Boat shape gives an elegant look
  • The file storage units are additional feature which come with lock and key.
  • Grommet holes are again very helpful for electrical and telephone connection. Keeps the table without mess.
  • Its durable when compared to many other desks.


  • This is an expensive product. More the features more the cost.
  • It’s heavy and not portable.
  • This product needs lot of space.
  • Assembling it might take a lot of time.

What customers think

This table is a major hit in the high end conference rooms. It’s been appreciated by most of its customers.

Are modern conference table chairs the new trend?

Modern Contemporary Boat Shape 8 Feet Conference Table RO-ABD-C4

If you are looking to amp up your office interiors, then the Modern Contemporary Boat Shape 8′ Feet Conference Table, #RO-ABD-C4 is probably what you are looking for. This is a smaller version of the previously discussed product. This modern conference table chairs overcome the drawbacks of the Modern Boat Shaped 12′ Feet Conference Table.


  • It’s an 8’feet conference table with a solid base.
  • Two grommet holes are available on the wooden top.
  • The high-pressure laminated wooden top has a wood grain finish.
  • The low wall cabinet is provided with an optional glass door.
  • It has storage units fitted with metal ball bearings
  • Its dimension is 96″W x 48″D x 29″H


  • For the customers who wanted the features of Modern Boat Shaped 12′ Feet Conference table to be in a smaller conference room, this is a perfect choice.
  • The file storage units are additional feature which come with lock and key.
  • Grommet holes are again very helpful for electrical and telephone connection. Keeps the table without mess.
  • The high-pressure laminated top is made of wood grains gives a thicker desk compared to regular ones.
  • It’s durable and portable.


  • This is also expensive
  • Assembling it would take more time.

Want to buy a cheap modern conference table? Read on.

Lorell Oval Conference Table Top and Base 72 by 36 by 29 1/2 Inch

If you are on a budget, then, the Lorell Oval Conference Table, Top and Base, 72 by 36 by 29-1/2-Inch, Mahogany is probably your best pick. For users who would like to opt for a cheap modern conference table, but are still looking for a good buy can always order this oval conference table.


  • This is very cheap compared to many other tables of the same size.
  • It has a simple slab base designin the shape of oval.
  • It’s made of high-pressure laminated top.


  • It’s a very cheap product
  • Easy to assemble
  • Table is large enough to accommodate 5 to 6 people


  • Its durability cannot be trusted.
  • It doesn’t contain storage units and grommet holes. So gets messy when more people and equipment are used.
  • Not scratch or stain resistant.

What customers say

This seems to be quite a popular product among budget buyers. As per the customer feedback it is a good deal for the money, but one cannot expect durability.

Want to buy a good modern conference table? This is our choice.

8ft 16ft Modern Designer Conference Room Table Office Meeting Boardroom 10ft 12ft 14ft 8ft Textured Driftwood

With so many good modern conference tables out there, which one do you buy? The 8ft – 16ft Modern Designer Conference Room Table, Office Meeting Boardroom, 10ft 12ft 14ft (8ft, Textured Driftwood) is one of the best ones out there! This is a perfect masterpiece for the conference room. It comes in various sizes and colors. This table is designed in such a way that all the advantages discussed in the above products are sustained and disadvantages are clearly addressed.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • The whole table is textured driftwood laminated with gloss highlights.
  • Available in many sizes – 8ft X 42″ or 10ft X 54″ or 12ft X 54″ or 14ft X 54″ or 16ft X 54″. And height for all the tables are 29.5”
  • Optional power/data modules are available. Each module comprises of 2 power ports(one for phone and one for data). The table legs are hollow to allow the turnkey cable management


  • It’s a very sturdy table and easy to assemble
  • The optional power/data modules are the best features.
  • It’s available in various sizes according to the customer’s requirement.
  • It’s a no mess conference table.
  • It’s very durable.


  • The price is a bit in the higher range. But the table has got the best features.
  • Assembling might take a long time due to many inbuilt features.
  • It’s not very easily portable since dismantling the table is also a tedious process.

What customers say

By far the most rated product in this entire range, according to customers this product is the best designed conference table by far. The customers are very happy with it and also recommend to others.