Why do you need a small reception desk?

small reception desk

Planning an office is as hard as it sounds. A lot of productivity depends on how comfortable you are on the premises. This implies that ample planning of your furniture is of absolute necessity before you begin work. The mind-boggling thing about this is not just what furniture to buy but also the location of the same. Placement has a deep impact on the style and the space planning. Offices need to have a nice look, not a cluttered one.

Office furniture includes:

  • Ergonomic chairs and desks
  • File cabinets
  • Bookcases
  • Client seating and couches
  • Dining chairs and tables
  • Folding chairs and stackable chairs
  • Reception desk

It is vital to put in good effort in picking the appropriate furniture for the office premises. Every item will play a role in improving the overall productivity as well as the potential. New levels of targets can be achieved when the environment is thought provoking. Makeovers are taking place in various offices for the same reason. Boring office furniture makes you lazy. Stylish and trendy equipment has a surprisingly inspiring effect on the effectiveness of the job. The various colours can improve the mood by increase the enthusiasm and the positivity.

The receptionist is the employee who works in the waiting area and greets visitors and guests. Her desk is known as the reception desk or the front desk.

How will a Small Salon Reception Desk help?

A small salon reception desk is ideal for a smaller waiting area. They are versatile in nature and can be placed according to the shape and size of the desk.

A small salon reception desk can be chosen keeping in mind work ergonomics and the factor of height adjustability. Some small salon reception desk can be made suitable for both left and right-handed people.

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  • The items are kept handy
  • It divides the waiting area from the workplace of the receptionist
  • Two environments in the same space are created


  • The price of a small salon reception desk could be higher than the normal reception desks.

What benefits does a small reception desk for salon have?

The first item that one sees when they enter an office is the reception desk. The style of the desk speaks volume of the quality and sense of fashion of the salon. The reception desk of the salon must have enough space on the top to keep relevant brochures regarding the services that the salon has to offer. There also must be space for the comment register.


  • They add lustre and sheen to the environment
  • The reception desk subtly informs the customers the possible style and services that are waiting for them inside the premises


  • If the reception desk is not designed well or clean enough, the customers might not be impressed

Small White Reception Desk for a peaceful environment at work

White is truly beautiful. There is something outstanding about a white desk that emits peace and formal environment. White is truly eye catching and can make a big difference to the entire room.


  • Additional decor might not be required
  • A white reception desk is all you would need to add glamour to the room and the waiting area


  • If the walls of the waiting area do not blend well with the shining white desk, the desired look cannot be achieved
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What is a small L-shaped reception desk best suited for?

An L-shaped reception desk is ideal for a reception cum waiting room that is compact and small. It is perfect when a table is required but the space is restricted.


  • The L-shaped desk works as a divider and can help with the work to be clear and organised
  • Everything can be within the reach and is closer
  • It has the advantages of a long desk as well as a small desk
  • L shaped desks offer privacy to the receptionist


  • It can lose the dead space that is behind a corner monitor

Reception desk small or big; which one should you buy?

Waiting rooms are more about the guests and the visitors who have come to visit. A small reception desk is what is needed. A large table occupying too much space will leave less space for the visitors. It is prudent to buy big and comfortable couches for the others and a small reception desk in the ideal place for the receptionist.


  • Small is beautiful
  • The reception room should scream elegance, not in your face grand furniture


  • Small tables require more organised work and less clutter
  • Smaller surface area means lesser space available

Best small reception desk US

Small curved reception desk


Reception Furniture Single Unit Curved Station

There is something charming about curves. This also applies to curved desks. Small curved reception desks are not only stylish and eye-catching, they are also very useful and convenient because of the shape. It has similar advantages to those of an L-shaped desk.

The curved desk does not occupy much space. This makes the shape a very popular choice in offices.



  • Looks good from any side and angle
  • It can face the whole room
  • Has a warm welcome look
  • More space to work from
  • Convenient because everything is within reach and closer


  • Offices sometimes prefer not to use this shape because it is too cool and can appear as informal


Made to order desks require specific dimensions of the room. This table will look good in rooms of any size. The compact design makes it suitable as a perfect corner desk in the lobby or waiting room.


How do customers feel?

Customers appreciate this table because of the positive feelings that the curved shape generates. It is a very attractive piece of furniture that is bound to get the attention of the visitors.

Small office reception desk

go2buy Small Spaces Home Office White Computer Desk with Drawers and 2 Tier Storage Shelves Furniture (White)

Compact tables for home

These are the perfect compact tables that can be used as a computer desk on the home front as well as places like small offices and dormitories. They are ideal desks because they come with two-tier storage draws along with a shelf to place the UPS or printer.

With a price of 63 dollars and free shipping, this product is worth a look.



  • Easy glide draws making it convenient to access materials
  • Adjustable shelf makes it adaptable as per your personal choice
  • Well organised
  • Ports are available for the tidy management of the wires
  • Easy to assemble


  • Needs to be moved completely during floor cleaning
  • It is not exactly white. It has a more lavender shade


Product weight 50.3 pounds
Product dimensions 40.9 x 32.3 x 19.7 inches
Product height 1.64 feet
Product width 2.69 feet
Product length 3.41 feet

How do customers feel?

The general feel towards this product is positive. The easy assembling of the product along with the compact features is very appealing. The size and the quality of the product are the key selling point.


Small Contemporary Reception Desk for the illusion of space

Officient Neoterik L-shaped Reception Desk

Officient Neoterik Contemporary Reception Desk with Mobile Pedestal, Mocha Laminate/Frosted Plexi

Officient Neoterik Contemporary Reception Desk with Mobile Pedestal, Mocha Laminate/Frosted Plexi

This L-shaped mobile pedestal gives the people in the room sufficient space to carry on the day to day business without coming in the way. The elegant look along with the useful features are noticeable to anyone who walks in the door.

Officient Neoterik L-shaped Reception Desk 2


  • Laminated construction provides durable quality
  • Two utility and one hanging file prove to be advantageous
  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • Levelling guides are set for uneven floors


  • Not very big
  • Delivery not satisfactory


Product weight 390.70 pounds
Dimension of the desk 79.5”W x 39”D x 44”H
Dimension of the desk return 36”W x 24”D x 44”H
Dimension of the pedestal 16”W x 22”D x 29”H
Type of the material Laminate
Officient Neoterik L-shaped Reception Desk 3

How do customers feel?

The overall all feeling of this product is positive. Beauty and comfort are the prominent attributes. It does not clam up the room and overpower. It is a decor by itself. The mobility of the desk is a very good plus point.

Small L-shaped Reception Desk from Sauder Transit L-Shaped Desk – Salt Oak

Sauder Transit L-Shaped Desk – Salt Oak

This L-shaped desk portrays a sense of fashion that is quite unavailable in most other pieces of furniture. The distinct finish creates the perfect modern look that can be an ornament to the room as well as a piece of utility. It can be placed anywhere in the room and can fit in perfectly.


  • Consists of two bookcase shelves convenient to store books and other reading material
  • Three cubbyhole spaces suitable for office supplies
  • Centre draw for most used items
  • Scratch resistant and stain resistant
  • Durable, not vulnerable to depreciation and wear and tear
  • Chord management keeps wires organised and provides a neat look


  • Not easy to assemble and construct
  • Quite heavy


Product height 42 ½ in
Width 60 ¾ in
Depth 59 in
Colour Salted oak

How do the customers feel?

The contemporary style and look of the furniture is a big advantage. The overall product enables keeping items in an organised and clear fashion.


The small black reception desk fromYaheetech Home Office Small Wood Computer Desk


Yaheetech Home Office Small Wood Computer Desk with Drawers and Storage Shelves Workstation Furniture (Black)

This is the perfect solution to work from home situations. The furniture is compact and convenient for all usage. It provides space for various items. Cleaning the floor beneath the table is not a hassle.



  • Adjustable shelf
  • Compact and convenient
  • Durable
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Easy to assemble
  • Accommodation for printer and most used items


  • No holes prefixed for the drawers


Product dimensions 19.69 inches x 40.94 inches x 32.28 inches
Product height 50.26 pounds
Colour Black

How do the customers feel?

The overall feeling generated is positive. The laminated finish and the convenient storage is a big win for customers. Wire management is easy. The compact size and easy glide draws make it easy to access various items.

Small corner reception desk from Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk, Antiqued Paint

Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk, Antiqued Paint

This classy looking table can almost pass as a periodic item. The antique look that it emits truly shows that it belongs to a world of  its own. The L-shaped table is very convenient as well as gorgeous looking.



  • Can be configured as per your personal wish. It will suit both a left handed as well as a right-handed person
  • Durable melamine surface
  • Three draws make it very useful
  • Good quality
  • Easy to assemble


  • Very heavy


Product dimension 30.28 inches x 66.14 inches x 66.14 inches
Product weight 179 pounds
Material Wood

How do the customers feel?

The overall feeling generated is fantastic. The antique look is priceless. It is  very convenient and worth every penny. It is a solid and high-quality product. The L shape ensures that the room does not get cluttered.


Small reception desk US: Concluding Thoughts

Small reception tables are indeed very handy and a must-have in all offices. Work from home spaces must also be equipped with suitably designed and high-quality furniture in order to increase overall productivity. The positive and energising feeling that can be generated when the room is furnished with the right kind and style of products is indeed something worth every penny.