6' Conference Tables

Investing in the perfect 6 foot conference table can be perplexing task for many. With all the major concerns from environment-friendly manufacturing to aesthetically pleasing designs, these conference tables are available in various shapes, colors, materials and what not.

An ideal choice of seating on a 6 foot conference table can be determined by identifying how much space you can spare in your meeting room or by analyzing the maximum number of users at a time. When you have shape and size differences on tow, be clear about your requirements and get the right table with proper seating capacity according to your room dimensions, number of users and seating capacity for various table shapes such as round, square, rectangle, boat-shaped, race track, U-shaped, V-shaped or modular conference tables.

Why Should You Invest In 6 ft. Conference Table?

There are quite few obvious reasons, but are very simple. The most prominent ones are looks and convenience. The most obvious advantages include the following.

  • With these, you could make an impression on your boss or client.
  • They are perfect for conferences, meetings and seminars.
  • There is a wide choice of materials, shapes and sizes, suiting any setting.
  • They are generally easy to use, clean and maintain.
  • There are plenty that are lightweight, giving an option of versatility.

Buy something that is strong and can bear the weight you are going to put on it.

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The ConcernsAbout6 Ft. Conference Tables

Though these 6 ft. conference tables are winners in making an impression, they might be turn-offs when it comes to smaller conference spaces. Also, depending on the material and the design, they might scratch or chip. Hence, a detailed eye needs to be given on how it is going to be handled before your decision.

What gives a 6 Person Conference Table The Edge

When there are numerous options out there,why should you get a 6 person conference table? The choice is perfectly personal. There are criterion like space, usage, convenience, aesthetics, design, etc. which need due consideration before making the final choice.

6 person conference table makes a better option when you have a bigger space and let you have a great many space for moving around, when required. Also, they give a choice of versatility for being used for other purposes. Within their confined space, they make the perfect podium for more personalized discussions among lower level staff to higher officials.

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The prices compared to a 12 person conference table

6 person conference tables are available at various price ranges. It is strictly a personal choice to pick cheap or expensive one based on your requirements. These tables come from around $200 for up to $2500 or more. No matter what the pricing is, the best table is something that best suits your needs and room settings.

What are the most popular Best Conference Table For 6: A Review

Now that you know what you are looking for, here is a general review on the most popular of best conference table for 6 people. Here, we give you a choice based on price, good looks, quality, etc. which can streamline the task of choosing the right one.

Why is a 6′ Boat Shaped Conference Table better?

Mayline ACTB6LDC Aberdeen Series Conference Table with Boat Surface 6

Flanked by a 5/8 inch thick surface for work and a hollow interior construction, the Mayline ACTB6LDC Aberdeen Series Conference Table with Boat Surface, 6′, Mocha Laminate boat shaped conference table makes it a part of professional setting without much effort. The Aberdeen series boat-shaped conference table consists of two standard grommets and a power module that combines convenience with style. You can hook up power and data cables in these power modules to ease up and style up your work.

The table legs are equipped with cable chimney for easy cable management towards the floor. This high quality and unique work piece fits your respective environment. The furniture is quite elegant and weighs around 221 pounds and measures 36 x 72 x 29.5 inches. Tagged around $1300, this 6′ boat shaped conference table makes a statement with pride and elegance.


  • Sturdy, solid, elegant design in mocha, cherry or maple
  • Boat shaped design for spacious seating
  • Concealed cabling and power modules.


  • Heavy construction
  • Expensive

Customer Says

Mayline 6′ conference table is an elegant looking, sturdy table that will not fail to make an impression on anyone in a professional setting and is ideally priced for the quality and style it offers.

Adding a Round Conference Table For 6 to your room is a good bet

OFM T3672RT GRY Racetrack Conference Table 36 x 72 Gray

The OFM T3672RT-GRY Racetrack Conference Table, 36″ x 72″ Gray round conference table for 6 is an elegant beauty with black metal finish and an attractive base design. The base has black metal mesh covering with a surface made of high pressure laminate. Table top is 1.25 inch thick with 3 mm black T-mold edge bands for protection. This 72″ Racetrack has a honeycomb, lightweight construction on a sturdy base. The table is available with laminates of your choice.

The nylon faced level glides protects floor against friction. This round conference table for 6 is a great buy for around $500 and the weight of just around 99 pounds. Measuring 72 x 36 x 29 inches, this table is quite spacious enough to accommodate six people with utmost comfort.


  • Black metal finish with modern look
  • Customized lamination facility with gray and oak choices
  • Comfortable and attractive design.


  • Might scratch easily

Customer Says

OFM Racetrack round conference table for 6 is a great table coming at a great price. It is an ideal option for those looking for a modern, affordable, stylish, easy to assemble piece of furniture.

Try out a 6′ Glass Conference Table for a change

Frosted Glass Conference Tables – 6

Glass is always elegant, classy and modern that never runs out of fashion. The Frosted Glass Conference Tables – 6′ is a great buy with frosted glass that gives a contemporary makeover for your professional meeting space. The product weighs around 300 pounds with a measurement of 71 x 45.5 x 29.5 inches.

Priced around the range of $1600, this table is a stylish addition to any contemporary space. They offer practical design with four wide set legs. The table surface is smooth to touch and is easy to clean and maintain. The glass is tempered, heavy 1/2 inch thick panels over the chrome pods placed on gray metal frame. It also has a base feet pivot that can be adjusted over uneven floor surfaces.


  • Thick, frosted, smooth glass surface
  • Sturdy, metal frame providing adequate support
  • Classy, elegant, contemporary look.


  • Prone to scratches
  • Need careful attention.

Customer Says

This 6′ glass conference table is a smart looking addition to any modern setting which will be easy on assembly, cleaning, maintenance and usage.

How will a 6 Seater Conference Table, Rectangular help you

Lorell Chateau Srs Mahogany 6 Rectangular Table

The Lorell Chateau Srs Mahogany 6′ Rectangular Table conference table rectangular top is one of the most elegant-looking table with 3 mm receded edges. The top part is one and half inches thick rectangular block holding a durable, mahogany laminate surface that is modest, yet enliven the space with a professional class.

The table weighs around 112 pounds and measures 30 x 36 x 75 inches. This table holds a slab base and holds a simple design with elegant aura. Being priced around $230, this table is a right option with regard to looks, practicality and affordability.


  • Affordable
  • Durable mahogany construction
  • Lightweight and simple design.


  • Too simple design to be contemporary.

Customer Says

Lorell 6 seater conference table rectangular design is a comfortable meeting table which is sturdy, durable, beautiful and simple design that justifies the price it is tagged for.

Is buying a 6 Ft. Conference Table, Wood better?

Boss 71 by 35-Inch Conference Table Mahogany

The Boss 71 by 35-Inch Conference Table, Mahogany makes an ideal 35 inch conference table with a mahogany or cherry finish that gives it its charm and elegance befitting a professional meeting room. The table holds a high pressure laminate construction with easy to assemble cam lick design. It has a durable construction with 6′ racetrack design that can easily accommodate six people.

Priced around $330, this is one of the most affordable, durable and elegant table that can adorn your office in wooden class. The product weighs around 130 pounds and measures 35 x 71 x 29.5 inches.


  • Class and elegance of mahogany or cherry finish
  • Simple, elegant, durable design
  • Affordable


  • It might scratch easily

Customer Says

Boss 6′ table is a wonderful, simple office furniture, yet powerful with regard to its wooden finish, durability and comfort. An ideal choice for offices on a budget but do not want to miss out elegance.

Getting a Cheap 6 Conference Table to fit your budget

Offices to Go Superior Laminate Oval Conference Table Size

When it comes to buying a cheap 6 conference table, the Offices to Go Superior Laminate Oval Conference Table Size: 6′ L, Finish: American Dark Cherry conference tables are a great bet. They offer the ideal package of quality in affordability. With the choices of American dark cherry, mahogany and espresso finish tables, they make an ideal choice for any office with modern design.

Customized looks can be made by combining the right set of chairs and accessories to give a great uplift to your professional atmosphere. Measuring 120 x 48 x 29.5 inches and weighing around 130 pounds, these tables are priced around $240.


  • Strong, durable, 3 mm PVC edge design with grommets
  • Cheap option
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble.


  • Finish is not smooth

Customer Says

When you need a cheap 6 conference table, Offices to Go is a great purchase with its ideal quality and optimal functionality.

Here is a 6 Foot Conference Room Tables (our choice) for you

Lorell Oval Conference Table Top and Base 72 by 36

With a slab base and high-pressure one-quarter inches thick laminate top, the Lorell Oval Conference Table, Top and Base, 72 by 36 by 29-1/2-Inch, Mahogany ‘, Mocha Laminate is a great buy if you need an ideal solution for your professional meeting space.

These tables can give the elegance and style required for a contemporary space and is quite convenient with regard to its size of 186 x 98 x 9 cm and weight of 48 kg. with such lightweight construction, this table offers the versatility of being transported easily and assembled easily in other settings too. This is an oval conference table that is priced around $250.


  • Great quality construction
  • Easy to assemble, use and maintain


  • The laminate might chip

Customer Says

Lorell Oval conference tables are ideal 6 foot conference room tables with regard to pricing, quality, construction, style and design. It is sturdy, durable, solid table that offers value for each penny spent.