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There are so many office chairs in the market, that it may require ample research before you choose the right one. Here, we try to provide an unbiased lorell executive high back chair review to help you assess if this is the right product for you.

Suitability analysis of lorell executive high-back chair mesh fabric chair

The lorell executive high-back chair mesh fabric chair is an extremely comfortable chair best suited for executive level employees. This eases their back and provides support for their necks. It offers the right suspension and tilt, one can relax the back by stretching on the chair itself. The back support is made of mesh, thereby the chances of sweating is much lower. The breathability factor is a big positive. Also, this mesh material is easy on the back. A hard surface will not provide the comfort factor that this material provides. The rest of the chair is made of high quality fabric and upholstery which lends a very sophisticated look. It is a great piece of furniture in your office.

Pros and cons of lorell executive high-back chair mesh fabric chair

There are multiple benefits from lorell executive high-back chair mesh fabric chair, like everything else in life this too has its downside. We discuss the main pros and cons of this chair

  • Ergonomic design – This is an ergonomically designed high back chair which has a natural curvature just like a person’s back. The arm rest is spacious enough to hold the entire arm and relax it. The length is enough for resting your wrist and elbows as well, which undergo a lot of stress.
  • Adjustability – the Seat height is adjustable between 17″ to 21″ from the floor. Arms adjust in the height and width. Apart from the regular seat height and arms adjustment, there are other great additional features.
  • Sturdy broad base – There is a nylon five star base, it has casters which make it extremely easy to move. The overall weight of the chair is around 51 pounds, this makes it heavy to carry around, and hence the casters come in handy.
  • Additional features – There is a 360 degree swivel and tilt tension, asynchronous three-lever control available. The chair is fire retardant and meets the meets the CA117 fire-retardant standard.
  • Look and feel – The chair provides an excellent look and feel, it uses high quality fabric, cushion and mesh. The plastic and metal used is of premium quality which lends a sophisticated finish to the chair.
  • Great value for money – The product is less than $170, it is simply great at that price. The features are so rich, the product is sturdy and looks sleek.
  • Less friction in casters – Users have complained that the friction in the casters is low, which gives it a wobbly feel.
  • Unsuitable for tall people – If the user is tall and has long legs (above 5 ft. 10 inches), then the highest the chair may go will not be ergonomic for the person.
  • Armrests – They are not steady, primarily due to their adjustable nature. The tend to be shaky, although this is only a minor detail.
  • Colour – It is available only in black colour which is limiting factor. Many companies choose to invest in chairs which complement the rest of the furniture and ambience of the office.

Assessing the ergonomic design and adjustability of lorell traditional high-back executive chair with arms

Lorell traditional high-back executive chair with arms has adjustable seat and arms. The seat can be adjusted between 17″ to 21″ from the floor. The arms can also be adjusted in height and width according to your height and build. The levers are easily accessible right under the seat, tilting your body slightly will enable you to reach it.

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Assessment of durability of lorell executive high back chair

lorell executive high back chair’s are made of the best quality products. Lorell is a known name in this space, they produce good quality products which do not wear out with repeated use. Their durability has been tried and tested over the years’. The mesh back may however, start to sag after repeated use. Overtime, the back support that it offers could be lower. It may not serve the purpose after repeated use over the long haul.

Assessing the comfort factor and materials used in lorell high-back executive chair plastic black seat

The quality of the product is superior, the materials used are premium. The mesh back offers breathability. The metal frame is sturdy. The cushion is of good quality and hence, even long hours of sitting do not cause pain or stress. The levers are of metal, but have plastic handles. Rough use may lead to breakage, these levers cannot be replaced. Also, not using them for prolonged periods will jam these levers.

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Taking a peek atlorell executive high back chair customer review

Most of the customers have been satisfied with the product. The price has been the greatest factor. The adjustability feature and durability of the product has been keenly discussed. The drawbacks have been the complicated setup. Also, the friction on the casters is too low which reduces the stability of the unit.

Conclusion based on lorell executive high-back chair review

Based on the lorell executive high-back chair review we conducted, we believe it is a great product for corporates. Even people who work from home and have to spend many hours on the chair may choose to invest in one.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying lorell executive high-back chair

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