Why is a Conference table in white such a defining feature in a room?

White Conference Table

First impression is the best impression they say, going by that adage you should try to impress your clientele with the décor of your conference room among other things. It is important that the conference room furniture emphasize the space within the room. The conference table is where all the discussions, presentations and lunches happen; shouldn’t the table be one that is impressive, sturdy, durable and easy to maintain?

There are myriad designs, styles and materials of conference tables in the market. The three features listed below can help you choose prudently.

  • Room size: Ensure that there is enough clearance, a minimum of 4 feet around the table for free mobility.
  • Chair size: The table should be large enough to accommodate all the chairs with enough elbow room.
  • Power points: It is crucial that all tables should be equipped to handle the umpteen wires from laptops and projection equipment without crowding the table.

This brings us back to the question why white? According to the color psychology the color white denotes “new beginnings”; it is in fact often associated with perfection, equality and fair play. Needless to say white is an important color. Let us look at other reasons white is preferred for office settings.

Why should you choose a white conference table?

  • Using white furniture will make even a small room look brighter and more spacious.
  • Any style be it contemporary, vintage, or modern can be made to look elegant in white color
  • White color reflects light evenly thereby creating a very neutral lighting effect.
  • This can be combined very stylishly with any other color in the spectrum.

How can white be disadvantageous?

  • Too much white is often associated with isolation and lack of imagination and out right boring.
  • Dust and grime are easily visible on white surfaces.
  • With time white yellows, hence maintain it white is a huge challenge.
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Is White glass topped conference table a better option?

Transparent glass has a special effect on the room; it makes the room appear larger and more spacious than it actually is. Hence, when you top your white table with glass you have several advantages like:

  • Easy maintenance:Glass tops can be cleaned very easily by just wiping.
  • Protects table top: glass protects the original table tops from staining.
  • Design: Glass adds an element of style and sophistication.
  • Tinted glass can actually protect your wooden furniture from sun damage, scratches and water marks.

You can have style and durability on the same plate.

Are you looking for good bargains on white conference tables for sale?

It’s always advantageous to get a good product on bargain especially the bulkier and expensive pieces. The price of the conference table depends on the size, the shape, the material and any additional features. Thus, a 10-foot conference table with grommet and chairs can cost around $ 2500; a glass top costs around $1500. On an average price varies from $150 to $2000.

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Popular types of white conference tables

The shape, the size and the type of conference table conveys about the work structure of your office. For example, a hierarchical workplace is represented by a boat shaped table where there is a specific place for the head of the table. If your organization is more about equality and even distribution of power than a U shaped or round shaped table is more apt. Here are a few popular types of conference tables that convey their organizations’ values:

  • Rectangular- This is the most popular type because it is economical and maximizes seating capacity.
  • Boat shaped- This is similar to rectangular type but looks more elegant and graceful.
  • Round – Despite the message of equality that it conveys, it is impractical because of the limited seating options.
  • Racetrack- Another popular type for its functionality and appealing looks.

The modern white conference table is a winner.

71 Modern White Lacquer White Glass Desk or Conference Table

The Modern White Lacquer Conference Table With Gray Lacquer Central Extension (extends from 80” to 100”) is an absolute beauty from CAS. Top quality desk that will enchant your clients with its clean lines and elegant looks. You and your associates can gather around this large 71 inch by 36 inch lacquer finished tempered glass table and take path breaking decisions. This product is going to hold place of pride in your conference room for years to come.


  • Elegant looks
  • Durability
  • Large work area.


  • Expensive
  • The tempered glass breaks easily even if any part of the glass is damaged.

Dimensions: 71″ W X 36″ D X 30″ H.

General feelings of the Customer

This white lacquer and glass table is fairly new in the market and there are no customer reviews of this article yet.

For that ultimate quality go for the white lacquer conference table

Modern White Lacquer Conference Table with Gray Lacquer Central Extension

SHF brings to you the Modern White Lacquer Conference Table with Gray Lacquer Central Extension for the ultimate flexibility. It is a well-made table with a great glossy finish that can become a center piece of any room.The clever use of lacquer and white add to the elegance and class of this table which can be extended to 100 inches or contracted to 80 inches.


  • Extends easily
  • Classy looks and great finish
  • Adjustable width.


  • Easily scratched
  • Can be easily discolored
  • Water can enter the wood through lacquer and lead to rotting of wood.

Dimensions: 80″ (extending up to 100″) W X 40″ D X 30″ H

General feelings of customers

This table is another new launch from SHF and is yet to garner any customer feedback.

Small compact and white round conference table to meet your needs

BUSH BUSINESS FURNITURE Bush Furniture Conference Tables Racetrack Conference Table White Spectrum Paper/Pewter

This popular white racetrack conference table from Bush business furniture is ideal for six people to have an intense discussion and take important decisions. This table is a great combination of durability brought about by the PVCC edge banding in addition to the melamine surface which is resistant to scratch and stain.

If you are in a mood for an outdoor meeting, just lift this 83 inch by 30 inch by 30 inch table and place it in the yard, its adjustable floor levelers will keep it steady.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • 10 year warranty.


  • No grommet for all the laptops and projection equipment wires.
  • Maintaining the white surface will be a challenge.

Dimensions: 36 x 83 x 30 inches

General feelings of customers

Almost all the customers are happy that the product is easy to assemble, is sturdy and functional. They are especially happy that such a durable table is so affordable.

Do not miss owning this elegant white glass conference table

Zuo Caravan Desk Clear Glass

Zuo Caravan Desk with Clear Glass will surely enhance the aesthetic appeal of whichever room it is placed in. This winner is made out of durable and sturdy tempered glass and looks so classy that by itself it can make a style statement. Use it either as a workspace or a side table too because it is so versatile and can fit into any interior design and make the most mundane of rooms attractive.


  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • Tempered glass ensures durability
  • Can complement any interiors


  • Tendency to get scratched
  • No outlet for cables and wires
  • Height can’t be adjusted.

Dimensions: 27.6 x 47.2 x 29.5 inches

General feeling of customers

The customers are absolutely delighted with the sleek modern and contemporary look this glass conference table has.

An ideal roommate -The white laminate conference table


If you are looking for a multifunctional space saving conference table in white, than you have come to the right place. Bush Business furniture has this totally reliable Aspen rectangle table in white that has thoughtfully been covered by a thermally-fused laminate resistant to scratches, stains and glare. It’s a complete package with adjustable floor levelers, sturdy steel legs and the opportunity to add on a keyboard for increased functionality.Great care has been taken to prevent snagging by coating the underside of the table.


  • User friendly design: The Aspen can be used as a side table too in addition to a conference table.
  • Affordable: It is one of the cheapest conference tables in the market.
  • 10 year warranty.


  • Small and compact can’t be used for major gatherings and meetings.
  • It is too plain to create any kind of serious impact on customers.
  • No grommet for all cables and wires associated with electronics.

Dimensions: 28.5 x 47.2 x 29 inches

General feeling of customers

A table which has covered all snags will surely be appreciated by customers once they own it. For now, though there are no reviews on this product.

Could this large white conference table be what you are looking for?

Modern Extending Conference Table in Wenge or White Lacquer (White Lacquer)

SHE has designed this incredible piece of high quality furniture whichis awe-inspiring to say the least. You can expand this table to 167 inches or contract it to 49 inchesas needed on any given day. Isn’t it wonderful that you are getting dual functions for the price of one?


  • An impressive center piece.
  • Great finish.
  • An entire team can sit together and discuss the company’s future.


  • Expensive
  • An expandable table always risks easy breaking of such a huge table.
  • If the mechanism fails than the whole table gets wasted.

Dimensions: 49″ W (extends all the way to 167″ W!) X 47″ D X 30″ H.

General Feeling of Customers

Its time you took credit to be the first customer to write your review for this huge white conference table.

Looking for cheap conference table in white for your office?

Round Conference Table White Spectrum Top/Slate Edge/Slate Base

Bush Furniture might have what you are looking for. Their Round Conference Table in White is made of 1 inch thick laminated engineered wood. Yes, you can use this table on any surface without fear of it tipping over, thanks to the X panel base with preinstalled levelers.


  • Small and compact
  • Can be used on any surface
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Durability is a concern
  • Difficult to maintain the white surface
  • Poor packaging.

Dimensions: 41.5 x 41.5 x 29.9 inches

General feeling of customers:

Customers have overall been happy with the product because it was easy to assemble and could seat four people comfortably. The sturdy feel and the laminate finish endeared the product to its users though some concerns were raised on the packaging of the product.

We choose a Good white conference tables so you know what to pick

Safco Products 2553DWSL Cha-Cha Racetrack Table Top with Bistro Height Dual Pedestal Base

The Cha-Cha Racetrack Table Top from Safco falls perfectly in line with Safco’s beliefs – exceeding the expectations of its customers and providing a product which meets Greenguard Certification while not relenting on the quality of the product.  The 2553 DWSL offers you a multitude of choices- you can have a quick standing conference or if you choose to have a more casual kind of a meet you can pair this 42” H bistro height Dual pedestal Base table with bistro styles chairs.

The X-style dual pedestal base with leg levers ensures that the product can be used on uneven surfaces too. No meeting nowadays is complete without presentations and hence this bistro high table has its own center grommet for cable management. The Vinyl Tmolding edge ensures that the wear and tear is limited.


  • leg levers which maintain stability of the table on uneven surfaces
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Can be used in open spaces


  • Less comfortable
  • Too casual for serious business discussion
  • Limited accommodation of people.

Dimensions: 84″W x 42″D x 42″H

General Feelings of customers

This table is relatively new in the market and hasn’t received any reviews so far.