Why go for boat shaped conference tables?

boat shaped conference table

Any business firm or company would love to show how well they adapt to the new-age concepts through various exhibits. A boat shaped conference table is a perfect way to show how you believe in modern yet contemporary concepts. This shape perfectly accommodates decent number of people while not taking up too much of space. Now your board or conference room looks spacious and it could also fit in more number of candidates than a regular conference table. The table does not have any sharp edges and easily accommodates telephones and computers as well. The shape gives it a contemporary edge and hence it is perfect for any time of gathering be it business or friendly.

Advantages of using a boat shaped conference room table

A rectangular conference table has always been popular in offices which could accommodate all office supplies and a phone and a computer too if the need be. However these tables do have an old school look while the boat shaped conference table exhibit contemporary. The advantages of using a boat shaped conference table are –

  • They give the conference room a spacious outlook, with the curved edges they are quite a popular mix of modern and contemporary.
  • Unlike a circular table which looks unprofessional, these tables are perfect for professional meetings and they also jell well in a social gathering.
  • A rectangular table with sharp edges makes the conference room very closed where a person at one end cannot look at what the rest are doing.
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Disadvantages of boat conference table

The look of a conference room solely depends on the furnishing and the interiors of the room. It is interesting how a set of furniture could totally change how a room looks.  The disadvantages of a boat conference table could be listed as –

  • Their lengths could not fit in small conference rooms.
  • Boat conference tables do not look great in square rooms. A table in the shape of room goes well and mismatched shapes do not always work out.
  • In smaller conference rooms, a boat conference table could seem boxy.

Why a boat shaped table dimensions is better than others?

A standard sized boat shaped conference table is in trend these days. They have a hollow core construction which gives full room for the legs and the thick solid surface provides fantastic support for all the office supplies. They come with provision for easy data access and power supply connection. Using a computer, mobile or even a printer gets easier with such tables. This table accommodates larger crowd and still makes the room look spacious, for the key person to walk around for a presentation when he wants to. A square or round table will look classy but not suit a professional environment like the boat shape conference table does.

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How expensive are these boat shaped conference room tables?

The boat shaped conference tables have a thick top surface and a hollow bottom; this ensures the required support and comfortable room for legs as well. The smallest of these tables could easily accommodate 6 people at a time. The bigger ones could accommodate even more and still doesn’t make the room look like a box. The cost of the tables purely depends on the make and finish apart from the dimension. In UK a 120 inches * 48 inches table comes around 1100 pounds for a mahogany finish. A mocha laminate in the states comes around 500 dollars.

What are the most popular types of boat shaped conference table?

Choose a 6′ boat shaped conference table for your office

Mayline ACTB6LDC Aberdeen Series Conference Table with Boat Surface

A 6’ boat shaped conference room table easily accommodates around 6 people at a time. The Mayline Mayline ACTB6LDC Aberdeen Series Conference Table with Boat Surface, 6′, Mocha Laminate with a mocha finish is perfect for professional settings. This 36*72*29.5 inches table is perfect for the professional meetings in a conference rooms. The dimensions are perfect to seat people comfortably with their computer assets.


  • Spacious – The hollow structure underneath facilitates good room for comfortably stretching legs. The top surface is convenient to facilitate power and data access.
  • Safe – the cables are all internal and hence it exhibits a chic look.


  • The mocha finish does not fit in all types of décor.

Customers Say

Customers are extremely happy with this product. They say it is a perfect fit for their needs and the only complaint is with the shipping time. But overall, using this product has been a positive experience for them.

Is the 8’ boat shaped conference table better than others?

8 Boat Shaped Conference Table Finish Harvest Cherry

The 8′ Boat Shaped Conference Table Finish: Harvest Cherry perfectly adorns any office room graciously. The cherry finish gives the table a rich and warm look which makes it suitable for all decors and paint colors. The 95.2 x 42 x 29.8 inches conference table ensures a comfortable seating for a group of 8 people with their laptops, folders and other office stuff. It has provisions for power and data access.


  • The smooth edges prevent from snagging the clothing and arms. If people have to be squeezed, it still remains to be comfortable.
  • The shape works in any type of office settings, both conventional and modern ambiences.


  • Doesn’t comply with Composite Wood Products Emissions standard per the California Air Resources Board
  • Warranty is very limited and doesn’t cover all damages

The 14′ boat shaped conference table could be too large?

14 Boat Shaped Conference Table MDA152

The 14′ Boat Shaped Conference Table MDA152 is perfect for team meetings comprising of around 10 people. The table is sleek and stylish and fits perfectly into any type of office setting. It has easy access power slots and slots for data retrieval as well which makes the wires all clogged to one end keeping the underneath spacious and roomy.


  • This table is comfortable for professional gatherings where in the crowd will carry their own laptops.
  • The shape of the table is slim and sleek enough and makes the conference room appear spacious.
  • The finish on the table is smooth and gives it a trendy look, and any office chair will perfectly match the table setting.


  • Not space friendly

Dimensions: 168″W x 32/48″D x 29-1/2″H

Customers Say

Customers are happy with the table, while some say that it was too big for their respective office rooms, the table certainly added aesthetic value to their spaces

Try the 10’ boat shaped conference table out for size

Modern Boat Shaped 8 Feet Conference Table MT-COH-C31

The 10’ Modern Boat Shaped Conference Table, MT-COH-C31 is perfect for a professional gathering of around 6 people. The table is light weight and can be installed easily. The table is also quite comfortable for a friendly family gathering and comes as friendly furniture rather than the pretentious formal ones.  The steel legs give a sleek look to the table.


  • it comes in so many choices of finishes to choose from – Cocoa, Baltimore cherry, summer suede
  • Perfect for small meetings and gatherings
  • Easy to assemble and light weight
  • Sturdy and makes any room look spacious and rich.


  • Doesn’t look “professional” as it seems like a family table rather than an office table
  • In some finishes the steel legs give an odd look

Dimensions: The 96″W x 48″D x 29″H

Customers Say

While the many finishes give customers options on how to decorate a room, it doesn’t match up to expectations in terms of the overall look. That being said, it is easy to assemble and that is the one thing many customers liked about this table.

Choosing a 12’ Boat shaped conference room table? Try this out

Keswick 12 Boat Shaped Conference Table

The Keswick 12′ Boat Shaped Conference Table perfectly fits any office room with a warm décor. The English cherry finish and the decorative molding make the table look rich and ravishing. The 144 x 40 x 30 inches table is made of eco-friendly raw materials which makes it quite popular among the environmental enthusiasts.


  • The table is perfect for a professional gathering or a luncheon, and is an asset to any business firm.
  • The finishing and the moldings on the table make it look like a heritage product.
  • Plenty of room underneath it is a comfortable seating arrangement with a wide and airy room for legs.


  • This is not meant for smaller office rooms
  • Not designed specifically for offices

Customers Say

While some people felt that the dual purpose look gave their office an informal and approachable feel, some customers felt that it didn’t look professional enough. The feedback varies depending on the needs of the customers.

Opting for a cheap boat shaped conference room table simplified

ECT366WA Economy Conference Folding Table Boat

This ECT366WA – Economy Conference Folding Table, 72w x 36d x 30h, Walnut is the perfect choice when you are looking for inexpensive tables which are of good quality and look good too. Boat shaped tables with a steel base are usually a good bet if you are making an economy purchase! They look simple and elegant and do not put a hole on your wallet too.


  • Easy to fold and can be kept away when not in use.
  • Rich walnut finish for an aesthetic look
  • Can be assembled in a jiffy.


  • Not very sturdy

Dimensions : 72 x 36 x 30

Customers Say

Overall, customers seemed happy with this purchase. For them, this seemed to be a good buy for their money spent.

Finally, the Boat shaped conference table (our choice)

Harmony 144 Boat Shape Modular Conference Table featuring Lockdowel Assembly

The Harmony 144″ Boat Shape Modular Conference Table featuring Lockdowel Assembly- American Walnut is perfect for a office gathering of around 10-12 people at a time. The 12 feet long table is perfect to give a posh look to your meeting rooms. The table is comfortable with wide surface and hollow underneath with ample room for legs.


  • The table is made of genuine American wood which gives it a rich look and sleek finish
  • The assembly is very simple as the pieces snap together forming durable joints
  • It has power slots and data retrieval slots


  • Nothing much to say, this is our pick, after all!

Dimensions : 52 x 144 x 29 inches

Customers Say

One of the best-loved products in this niche segment. Customers are gung-ho about its looks, finish and over all look. The many features and comfort only add to why this is so popular.