General Requirements for Office Furniture and why you need a white reception desk

White Reception Desk

Now that you have expanded your enterprise, you are surely going to have to direct your thinking towards setting up an office space.

Once you have zeroed in on your official address (the location as well as the exact space), you are definitely going to begin scouting around, for almost all the general requirements for office furniture.

Yes, your job is not quite complete with having just an office space.  You will also have to procure the right kind of furniture that compliments and delivers as not just one that is aesthetically pleasing, but also one, that ensures and facilitates efficient and optimum functioning of the staff.

Well, for starters, you can begin with gathering the basics such as furniture, desk supplies, technology, stationery and mailing supplies etc.

All of these are very important aspects, that are needed while setting up your office space, but one factor of primary pertinence here is the furniture that you intend putting up.

Yes, of all the general requirements for office furniture, it is furniture that can take you a long way.  After all, your clients, business associates are all going to be visiting you at some point.  And in such times, if you do not have a well-furnished work space, then your image can get quite tarnished.

Let us look at what kind of office furniture can help you make an impression.

A White Reception Desk – The Pros and Cons

Reception desks can be described as very important for any office.  Simply because, anybody visiting your organisation, first views the reception desk.  First impressions always go on to linger in one’s memory.  The reception desk at your office, can actually work like a window to your organisation.  The visitor can and does gauge a lot about what awaits him or her inside.

The Pros:

  • White Reception desks can brighten up the reception area.
  • A white reception desk allows you to mix and match with other shades for your storage and seating arrangement in the reception.
  • White, as a colour is very pleasing and soothing to the eye.

The Cons:

  • A white reception desk will require high maintenance.
  • White as a colour can easily catch on other colours and stains.
  • Reception Desks are generally tables on which most people lean on or put their hands on, so a white reception desk is at that much more risk of getting stained or looking unclean by the end of the day.
Why white reception desk are so beutifull
White reception desk for salon

Characteristics of a white Salon Reception Desk

A white reception desk is, almost always apt as a welcome desk for most organisations or enterprises, whether a corporate office, a retail establishment or even a salon for that matter.

The reception desk at your salon is very crucial, for, this is what the customer sees almost instantly as he or she walks in.

Hence, your reception desk should always be pretty to look at along-with having loads of workspace, drawers and storage.  Nobody will want to see a cluttered and disorganised reception desk.

The Pros:

  • A white salon reception desk is almost always a sign of class and dignity.
  • The colour white gives the impression of a larger space.
  • White as a colour brightens up a room.  It is definitely more welcoming to walk into a bright salon, than a dark or dingy looking one.

The Cons:

  • A white salon desk will need constant maintenance.
  • A salon is a place that does use numerous chemicals and colours, so chances of staining on the white reception desk is higher.
  • With such high levels of maintenance, the white can lose its sheen and gloss and begin to look worn out very soon.

Characteristics of a Small White Reception Desk

The kind of office furniture you use, can either work towards enhancing your business or partly responsible your slowdown.

Sure enough. Giving importance to the fact that your employees are comfortable and have sufficient working area can lead to higher performance levels.

Further on, small white reception desks can and do give the impression of your organisation focuses on the important aspects of business while not giving any room for unnecessary fuss and drama.

Also, a well-equipped office does give an impression of being organised and professional to your clients and business partners.

The Pros:

  • Small reception desks are definitely space saving.
  • Small reception desks work well, even in offices that are smaller in area.

The Cons:

  • Small reception desks can end up looking cluttered and dishevelled.
  • Small reception desks can mean, that you do not value the comfort of your employees.
Smal white reception desk
Its nice white reception desks

White Reception Desk for Sale

There is no doubt that white reception desks are extremely popular.  Various aspects go into making this so.

Talking about the Pros:

  • Apart from white being a warm, welcoming and bright colour, a white reception desk does add sophistication and dignity to your organisation.
  • You will come across many white reception desks for sale, as white is definitely a universally liked colour.  Hence, the demand for these is very high.
  • A good looking, classy and smart looking office can do wonders to your image and goes a long way in adding value to your business.

The Cons:

  • White Reception desks can sometimes look bulkier than a dark coloured one.
  • As and when the gloss and shine begin to fade, the white reception desk can begin to look shabby, unless maintained regularly.

Best White Reception Desk in US

Beauty L-shaped Salon Reception Desk and All Purpose Salon Spa Office Reception Counter – Sandia: Your modern white reception desk


While, there are mixed reviews about this product, what is definitely clear is the fact that this model is large enough to hold just one computer and not more.

But, sure enough this is a stylish reception desk, with contemporary as well as classic looks.  In fact, it can be comfortably said, that this one is styled, just right to create the right kind of impression upon your customer.

Nice Example of white reception desk
Another Curved White reception desks
Its really best curved white reception for salon


This is quite an impressive looking reception desk shaped with an attractive curvature.

Simple as well as high on utility, the Salon reception desk Argento, is ideal for regular use, with a glass shelf that adds more display room.  Completely made out of solid wood, the Argento is available in silver and black.

White salon reception desk

The Pros:

  • Multifunctional designed to fit into salons, spas or offices.
  • Comes with drawers that can be locked.

The Cons:

  • Limited colour options can make it difficult to make a choice based on the colour scheme of your interiors.
  • The fact that it is made out of solid wood, implies that you have to protect it from moisture and water.
Good example of small white reception desk

The salon reception desk Argento measures 52.5 inches long x 36 inches high x 15.7 inches deep in dimensions.

This Salon reception desk is one where you work from behind with a small space to push in a single chair and comes fully assembled.

With highly positive ratings, the Argento seems worth your while.

OFM 55293-WHITE Marque Single-Unit Reception Station: Your white curved reception desk

OFM 55293-WHITE Marque Single-Unit Reception Station

The OFM 5293 White Marque is budget friendly as well as high on the design aspect.  This white curved reception desk comes with a powder coated painted steel frame in silver finish.  In case you require a black finish, you will need to place an order for the same.

Reception counter white

The Pros

  • Wire-management cut-outs are present on the interior of the desk.
  • You require no tools to assemble this.

The Cons

  • Probably a little too small for comfort.
  • Quite heavy in terms of weight.
Reception counter white - dimensions

The OFM 55293 White Marque Reception Station comes in dimensions measuring 72 x 72 x 40 inches.  This desk weighs 366 pounds.

This single unit reception desk appears not very high on the popularity charts with the main contention being, too small a work space that it offers.

Its probably best white counter reception desk ever

WHITE OFFICE Reception Desk: Rectangular White Reception Desk with frosted Glass Panel

Beutifull white reception desk

Rectangular White Reception Desk w/Frosted Glass Panel

White Office Reception Desks are certainly something you should consider for your enterprise.  Apart from being subtle and offering a professional look to your organisation, white reception desks do offer you the flexibility of keeping them functional, practical without being over the top in terms of looks.

Also, white as a colour, works well for any kind of organisation, be it health services, financial advisors, salons, corporate offices, business centres, fitness centres etc.

The Rectangular white reception desk with frosted glass panel are quite useful and good to look at.  Offering you value of space, this kind of a design is very highly popular among users.

The rectangular reception desks can offer you the flexibility of seating more than one employee, if designed well.

Features of white reception counters

The Pros:

  • These can be designed to hold multi levels of drawers and other storage.
  • The storage areas can be of various sizes, ranging from smaller spaces for stationery and other miscellaneous items to slightly larger ones which can hold the bulkier items.

The Cons:

  • You will surely require a larger space to accommodate the rectangular reception desks.
  • If these are not well designed, then they can end up looking bulky and out of place.
This reception counters are really usefull

But, on the whole, rectangular reception desks are very often opted for by people, purely because of their utility value.  Add to this, a white rectangular reception desk is almost always visually appealing.

White Gloss Reception Desk from Elegant RD-51

Elegant White Reception Desk RD-51W

The white Gloss Reception Desk RD-51 W is fairly large.  This comes with a single cabinet and twin drawers along with a pull-out keyboard and stationery tray.

Small white reception desk could be usefull

The Pros:

  • Unique facility of cord management passage (This allows you to camouflage your wires)
  • Provide a large open storage area.
  • No assembly is required.

The Cons:

  • Weighing around 640 pounds, this is surely quite a weighty product.
  • Suitable for a single person to work behind.
Is it really nice white desk

Approximate dimensions being 54.25 inches’ width x 20 inches’ length x 38.75 height, ensure that you have a good look at the product before you go in for it.

Back View of white reception office desk

White reception desk is your best bet

With such a wide array of products available at your disposal, procuring a white reception desk in US definitely is not such an arduous task.  All that you need to do is list down your requirements and you are sure to find a model that suits your taste and budget.   There certainly is no dearth of White Reception Desks in the US!