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Office comfort has come a long way. You spend close to 10 hours in your office; not having the right type of chair could lead to severe backache in the future. More and more people are realising the importance of seeking comfort in their workplace.

Companies are adhering to this aspect and ensuring that they give the best to their priced employees. Ensuring that they are not plagued by minor stuff such as type of chair, many companies choose the best type of swivel chairs available in the market. There are specific chairs which are designed to offer support to the upper back which gets strained due to long hours in front of the laptop.

What is the target segment for flash furniture mid back black mesh chair?

The target segment for flash furniture mid back black mesh chair is the small – medium and large companies. They are typically designed to aid the desk jobs. There are so many customer services, research and banking jobs which require the employee to stay put at his place for long hauls.

Even their breaks are planned and organised. For such people, the type of chair becomes an integral part their daily routine. Being uncomfortable will only lead to lower productivity. The companies realise this and hence, buy chairs such as flash furniture mid back black mesh chair which offer mid back support.

This will ensure that the back is not strained and wrist injuries are minimal while working long hours. Most companies choose the black colour due to the professional and aesthetic look that it lends to the ambience.

Pros and cons of flash furniture mid-back mesh computer chair

There are multiple advantages and disadvantages of flash furniture mid-back mesh computer chair, here we highlight the key ones.

Mesh back for breathing – Often the back tends to sweat a lot more while sitting for long hours, especially when the weather is humid. The mesh pattern at the back of the chair ensures that the back breathes.

Easy setup – The chair is easy to assemble, you can use the manual and easily set it up. You can alternatively use a local person who can easily fix it for you.

Light weight – The overall weight of the chair is merely 24 pounds, this makes it superlight. It offers great mobility. Also, it has wheels at the bottom which ensures that you can pull along your chair as required. The product dimensions are 21 x 24 x 39 inches.

Sturdy build – The entire unit uses metal and wood for build, which makes it sturdy. It can handle up to a certain weight and height efficiently. It comes from a known brand within this space. It has supplied bulk orders to multiple companies.

Reasonable price – most companies have to watch their expense on office furniture. The office furniture expense cannot run too high; this will be a part of the initial capital. Having a very high expense here could mean longer period of payback. The flash furniture mid-back mesh computer chair lends a sophisticated and aesthetic look, offers great comfort at reasonable price.

No lean back – There is no spring or suspension which allows the user to lean back and stretch. This is a major drawback; long hours of work may require a good stretch in the back to relieve the tension. These chairs do not allow this.

Unsuitable for tall people – The chair does not offer comfort for tall people. If the height is above 5.9” ft, then the arm rest remains low. Also the laptop would be too low which could strain the eyes and back.

Not suitable for people with heavy build – The chair has not been able to manage heavy people. Users have complained of the back support falling off and the unit crashing due to inability to manage weight.

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Additional features of flash furniture mid-back mesh computer chair

The flash furniture mid-back mesh computer chair comes with pneumatic seat height adjustment. This allows one to adjust the seat as per convenience. The mesh back provides breathability for the back, thus reduces skin allergies which may arise due to profuse sweating. The nylon T-arms provide comfort for the arms, it helps one relax the arms when tired. There is no lean back option; also the lower back support is unavailable.

Durability of flash furniture mid back mesh office chair

The flash furniture mid back mesh office chair is made of metal and wood which lends sophistication and durability to the product. It may not be able to carry huge weight; there have been instances of the back breaking apart due to persistent higher weight.

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Materials used and comfort factor of flash furniture mid-back mesh computer chair black

The flash furniture mid-back mesh computer chair black is made with metal and wood. The mesh back offers breathability and the arm rest are in place for resting your tired arms. The lean back feature is missing; there is not spring to move back. This may lead to stiffness in the back.

What do flash furniture mid-back mesh chair customer reviews indicate

Most of the flash furniture mid-back mesh chair customer review indicates that the product is great value for money. Also, the setup of the chair is extremely simple and easy. There are complaints that it does not manage weight beyond a point. Also, may not be suitable for very tall people.

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Very sturdy chair that is a perfect size for me even as a 6’3″, 280lb man. I have no problems reclining back on this, I definitely don’t feel like it’s going to dump me at any moment, like with some other chairs. Super comfortable. Armrests fold up if you need that, but I like them down. I just finished doing 5 hours of translation work in this chair and I could sit here for 5 more with how comfy it is. Definitely the best chair for the price.
it was a very comfortable chair while it lasted. I purchased this chair less than a year ago and it broke at the base of it.
I’m a pretty tall guy (6’2″) and surprisingly enough it was pretty comfortable. I’m not that big (Around 212lbs) and it’s rated for up to 250 lbs. The chair broke just shy of a year.
I purchased this chair in hopes I wouldn’t have to get a replacement two years down the road or so but it broke while it was under warranty.
So far I’ve received no reply to my ticket on Flash Furniture’s site.
I’ll never purchase this chair again.

Flash furniture mid-back mesh chair review final comments

Our detailed flash furniture mid-back mesh chair review indicates that it is a great value for money. The build is ideal for a small office setup which intends to keep the office furniture cost minimal.

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying Flash furniture mid-back mesh chair

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