Glass Conference Tables

Welcome to the modern age of glass conference room tables. If you are wondering what glass tables have to do with your modern conference rooms, here is a great way to know. Read on.

Any company is made with the dream of bringing constant success. In order to do that an innovative, motivating and inspiring environment is essential, for ideas to be creative and new, an environment that promotes forward thinking can go a long way. You can avail glass conference tables that not just add to the aesthetics, but also a lot to day-to-day job functionality such as tables with HDMI, data or USB cable hookups.

The Need For Glass Conference Table

Modern times have brought in dramatic changes in the way an office is furnished. Apart from decor and comfort, there is a lot well-chosen, smart-fitting furniture can do. Glass conference room table comes in variety of styles such as clear or etched with non-glare features. You can customize your glass top conference table with paintings on the back, etching using laser or with a balance of both.

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The Benefits

If you look at the benefits, you could come up with few advantages of having a glass top conference table.

  • They offer versatility to your interior decor. This furniture can fit into any type of environment without looking odd.
  • With glass top tables, an illusion of enhanced space is created.
  • A glass top can always boost the look of vintage table base.
  • Having a decorative base will trace all eyes to the creativity through clear
  • Cleaning and maintaining glass furniture is easier than any others.
  • Glass tables add beauty and sophistication to your work space.

The Other Side

Now that we discussed benefits, conference table with glass top comes with certain demerits too.

  • There is always safety hazard, especially combined with careless hands.
  • The glass durability might depend on how you handle it.
  • Glass is always prone to getting finger prints and scratches that need constant attention.
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Glass Conference Tables: The Edge

Glass tables add elegance to any room. When it comes to professional setting, it adds class, style, elegance and creates an impression that lasts. Conference table bases for glass tops make an easy way to add stylish touch to the beauty of your office. They are highly versatile than other furniture with its sleek, modern look and classy outlook. They complement any room in beauty and functionality.

Though easy to clean and maintain, they need equally good care and treatment which can ensure long-lasting décor and zero breakage. They have the innate capacity to blend into any type of decor. Moreover, today’s glass furniture comes with scratch-resistant technology and much better durability that makes them a great investment as any contemporary furniture.

Buy something that is strong and can bear the weight you are going to put on it.

The Budget

Depending on your choice of glass conference tables office uses, you get a wide choice that ranges from around $1000 to around $3000 or even more depending on your budget and customization choices. Being a long term investment, they remain for years with proper treatment and care..

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Review On Our Picks

When it comes to glass conference tables, they come in all shapes like round, square, oval, rectangle, etc. and in all sizes, colors, etched or not etched and suiting various purposes. Here is a basic view on top seven picks that could make great choice with regard to style and functionality.

Why do you need Modern Wenge & Frosted Glass Table in your office?

Modern Wenge & Frosted Glass Executive Desk or Conference Table with Extending Top

These belong to the category of frosted glass conference table with extending top. This desk comes in classy white color and is quite appealing with its sleek, moderns and elegant looks that can positively alter the aesthetics of the occupied space. It has sturdy frame and an extra thick frosted top part.

Decked with versatility, these desks made by manufacturer eS can very well make executive desks or conference tables. The table has a dimension of 63x75x87 inches, made with premium quality materials, built to last long term. Priced around $1500, these desks are well worth the money with regard to style and suiting.

Why Is It Good?

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Highly versatile design
  • Beautiful and purpose fitting

What’s Bad?

  • The glass might scratch easily

What Customers Say

Modern Wenge and Frosted glass conference table are great way to enhance the looks of your office space. It has a modern look that is crafted to make an impression.

The gorgeous OFM Glass Conference Table for those who are on a budget

OFM GT3977 Glass Conference Table

When it comes to affordability with convenience and looks, the OFM round glass conference table makes a great choice. The glass used is 5/8 inches thick, tinted, transparent or tempered glass to provide a generous touch of class. Added with a design holding smooth, slightly rounded edges, these tables show a bit of style in a compact and functional manner.

The glass structure is supported by stainless steel frame, altogether giving the appeal of a simple, yet elegant structure. Priced around $900 of lesser, these tables measures 77 x 29 x 39 inches.

Why Is It Good?

  • Highly affordable
  • Classy and elegant structure
  • Smooth, curved edges that add style and convenience

What’s Bad?

  • The glass might scratch

What Customers Say

OFM round glass conference table is a great construction that imbibes quality of style and performance with affordable pricing. They are quite comfortable, durable, handles tough use and give a more personal touch with its rounded construction.

A Modern Glass Conference Table enhances your space

79 Modern Glass Conference Table or Executive Desk in Chocolate

The Modern glass conference table is a high quality glass top table with tempered glass seated on iron legs that makes extremely sturdy and durable. They have some lane and modern lines that can complement any office space in its much adorable chocolate color finish. Using high quality materials, these tables are constructed with long term use in mind.

With a dimension of 79x35x30 inches, these table offer enormous working spade for executives or for a team for using as a conference table. Clean, modern and impressive, these tables have been crafted with precision backed by manufacturer’s warranty on all parts. With more surface area placed in a sturdy frame, these tables make a great way to work and impress.

Why Is It Good?

  • Reasonably priced for the features
  • Classy and elegant structure
  • Sturdy and durable frame supporting tempered glass.

What’s Bad?

  • Iron frame makes it compatibly heavier.

What Customers Say

The Modern glass conference table is a highly durable iron frame and tempered glass top table that provide great space and style to your work surroundings. The table is made of high quality materials and holds good warranty for anyone who would like to invest around $1000 for long term.

Something unique – a Boat-Shaped Conference Table to stylize your office

Boat-Shaped Conference Table with Glass Top and Chrome Legs

Here is a way to make your meetings interesting, appealing and full of space. The white glass conference table is a great way of showing the creative aspect of work combining opaque glass over chrome legs. This table has the amazing quality of reflecting light to its surroundings. The glass is 0.5 inches thick and tempered for durability.

These tables are easy to maintain, clean and hygienic. It has sturdy frame with three pronged steel legs and levelers for added stability. The table is tested by BIFMA and has a measure of 94x47x29.5 inches with lifetime guarantee.

Why Is It Good?

  • Reflects light, brightens space
  • Easy to maintain; hygienic
  • Sturdy and durable steel frame supporting tempered glass.

What’s Bad?

  • More than frosted, it’s white

What Customers Say

The white glass conference table is a great table with amazing sturdiness, durability and appeal. This is a good investment for office furniture with its high quality, beauty and functionality. Overall, it is a table worth bargain for the price.

The future is here – the Uber Modern Conference Table is a peek into the future

Uber Modern 79 Walnut Executive Desk or Conference Table with Black Glass Top

Black has its beauty. The black glass conference table by Uber is a stylish, unique conference table with black attractive glass top and an elegant triangular base that gives a great uplift to the space with a gallantly modern aura. Manufacturer has given this long lasting, high performing and elegant piece of furniture using premium quality materials.

Priced around $1500, this conference table is made to suit your needs with a great level of versatility. The structure is held with triangular base that gives its uniqueness and a sturdy, strong design that can withstand any daily work. It has a two-tone look with smooth top that makes cleaning easier.

Why Is It Good?

  • Elegance of black, two toned top
  • Highly durable, sturdy, uniquely stylish frame
  • Stable and durable design.

What’s Bad?

  • Expensive

What customers say

The Uber black glass conference table is premium furniture exuberatingits own elegance to the occupied space. Being a stylish design, this makes an investment bathed in elegance with its color and durability.

Cheap, but not tacky, the Zuo Roca Conference Table

Zuo Roca Dining Table Stainless Steel

If there is a functional yet cheap glass conference table, the Zuo Roca conference table makes a great choice. Priced just around $550, there are not many that come with durability and looks under an affordable price tag. It holds a clear tempered glass table top with a modern stainless steel tube frame.

This makes an ideal option combined with its size of 35.5x59x30 inches and a strong architecture combining glass over steel. The table has high versatility to be used as conference table, office table or even a dining table by just adding the right combination of chairs.

Why Is It Good?

  • Highly affordable
  • Durable, good quality table with right looks
  • Easy to clean

What’s Bad?

  • Glass cannot prevent scratches
  • Blocks chairs with armrests

What Customers Say

Though not extremely sturdy with its half inch thick glass, this cheap glass conference table makes a great table and lasts long time through proper handling. Overall, it’s a great piece of furniture for the price with its beautiful structure. Pair up with acrylic chairs and you will get to know what appreciation really feels like.

Classy, elegant, the Glass Top Conference Table you are looking for

77 x 39 Glass Top Conference Table

Coming in the classy and elegant style with clear glass and chrome finish, the 77 x 39 inches tables make good glass conference tables. They have remarkable 5/8 inch thick glass for which the level of transparency (tinted, transparent or tempered) can be changed as per your demands. This sturdy conference table comes with dimensions of 29x77x39 inches.

This simple, elegant, stylish structure is made to impress and perform combined with its long lasting, heavy use, chrome plated stainless steel frame. Priced just around $900, these tables make great purchase that can serve in style for long time

Why Is It Good?

  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable, thick, customizable glass and spacious work area
  • Simple, stylish, classy structure with not much add-on’s

What’s Bad?

  • Prone to scratches

What Customers Say

This is a good glass conference table that can make a statement at an affordable pricing. It does impress everyone with its design, style and functionality for long term.