What are basic requirements of a U shaped reception desk?

U shaped reception desks

For any firm, its image primarily depends on a piece of furniture – the reception desk and, on the receptionist who complements this important desk. Although a reception desk is treated with contempt, it happens to be the buzzing aspect of a firm where phone calls never cease to buzz, transactions are constantly being done and, appointments are continually being scheduled. The way it responds to a customer can make or break the firm’s image. So, if you are handling a firm that requires your receptionist to have a large working space, a U shaped reception desk is what you should be looking for.

So, what are the basic requirements of a U shaped reception desk? Before deciding to have a U shaped reception desk in your office, there are certain requirements you must be clear about.

  • How big is your office?
  • Where would you like to have your U shaped reception desk?
  • What is your material preference for your reception desk?
  • Will you be accommodating computer, printer and other electronic devices on your desk?
  • How many storage components are required in the desk?
  • Will you need a glass panel over your desk with lightings fitted within the desk?

Although U shaped reception desks are popular with small offices too, given their flexibility to fit well along the corners, they are best suited for large offices and, waiting rooms. If you are keen on ordering it, make sure you have taken the exact measurements of your workspace, door frame, height of window ledges, vents, framings and odd corners.

What are the different components of U shaped reception desk furniture?

A U shaped reception desk is shaped like the alphabet – U, true to its name! It is usually larger than others and, is anywhere between 88″-128″. A U shaped reception desk furniture is an ideal choice for huge business lounges and large waiting areas. Besides giving the receptionist ample space and privacy to work on, it adds dollops of elegance to the overall look factor.

In U shaped reception desk furniture, there is ample space for attending telephone, working on the computer and, at the same maintain important files and folders. It is the storage aspect that varies from one desk to the other. This is because many of these desks do not come with an integrated storage space. One or, two kind may comprise of a set of drawers, a hutch and a few shelves. Other than that, the storage cabinet has to be purchased separately. U-shaped reception desks usually come with counters. Some have two whereas, others have three counters too.


  • U shaped reception desk furniture provides a receptionist with ample space and privacy, which is crucial for someone who is constantly scheduling, re-scheduling and making appointments.

  • Besides, the additional accent mouldings and recessed panels give a rich look to the desk.


  • U shaped reception desk furniture is not suitable for small work places.
  • Also, it is more expensive than the other brands.

Some of the best U shaped reception desks for us!

Buying a U shaped reception Desk with Hutch

Maple U-Shaped Reception Desk w/Frosted Glass Panel & Hutch

With an attractive Maple laminate finish, MAPLE U SHAPED RECEPTION DESK W/FROSTED GLASS PANEL & HUTCH exudes a contemporary look that is set to make an excellent impression on your client. With a top notch hang file hardware for placing legal files and letters in drawers and a huge work space, this U shaped reception desk with hutch gives you one of the most organized work stations. The adjustable levelling glides that aid in stability on uneven floors is the highlight of this desk.


  • Made of durable laminate, Maple U-Shaped Reception Desk W/Frosted Glass Panel & Hutch is scratch resistant. Its tops are about 1” thick with an edge band of 3 mm. Stains can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

  • The drawer slides of this U shaped reception desk with hutch rest on heavy adjustable hinges and ball bearings, thereby making the movements noise free and smooth.

  • Its file drawers and cabinets have a secure locking system.


  • Given its huge size, Maple U-Shaped Reception Desk W/Frosted Glass Panel & Hutch is not suitable for small offices and workstations.
  • It is slightly expensive than other types of reception desks such as L shaped, curved and I shaped reception desks.
  • A storage cabinet is required to be fitted externally in case of maintaining huge amount of information.

Maple U-Shaped Reception Desk W/Frosted Glass Panel & Hutch is about 71″W x 112-3/4″D. The desk drawers are about 71″W x 35-1/2″/41-1/2″ x 30″H, each. The glass door hutch measures about 71″W x 15″D x 36-1/2″H. The desk comes along with a credenza with drawers, each measuring about 71″W x 23-3/4″D x 30″H.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased Maple U-Shaped Reception Desk W/Frosted Glass Panel & Hutch have given extremely satisfactory reviews about using it in their office spaces. The elliptical silver pulls on the drawers and its metallic silver cable grommets have been a major attraction for many customers.

The Best White U Shaped Reception Desk?

White & Woodgrain U-Shaped Reception Desk – Maple

WHITE & WOODGRAIN U-SHAPED RECEPTION DESK – MAPLE is one of the best white U shaped reception desks. It is flexibly reversible for use of left or right hand. The reception desk is, further equipped with a glass panel and three drawers, a counter overhang, a credenza with three drawers and, a bridge. Sporting a sublime white colour, it gracefully fits in contrasting backgrounds, thereby elevating the look of the office.


  • The laminate finish on the top is scratch resistant. With 1″ tops with a 3 mm PVC edge bands, the tops are sturdy and resistant to rough use too.

  • Stains are easily removable with the use of a wet cloth.
  • The frosted glass panels with the silver metal frame and the contemporary brushed nickel drawer pulls accentuate the sleek and stylish look and feel of this white U shaped reception desk.


  • As compared to other reception desks, WHITE & WOODGRAIN U-SHAPED RECEPTION DESK – MAPLE is more on the expensive side.
  • It is also very huge and hence, is unsuitable for small work places.
  • Certain sections of this white U shaped reception desk need to be self assembled and, with care.

WHITE & WOODGRAIN U-SHAPED RECEPTION DESK – MAPLE needs approximately 71″W x 100-3/4″D of the floor space. The bridge is approximately 47-1/2″W x 23-1/2″D x 30″H and, the credenza about 71″W x 23-3/4″D x 30″H, that is inclusive of the three drawers. The frosted glass door hutch is approximately 71″W x 15″D x 36-1/2″H.

Customer reviews

WHITE & WOODGRAIN U-SHAPED RECEPTION DESK – MAPLE has been rated good by its customers. Given its ability to stay put on uneven flooring with its adjustable levelling glides, it has been a success with large offices and waiting rooms.

Picking the Right U Shaped Reception Desks for us!

From the choices mentioned above, it is easy to pick the right U shaped reception desk based on your office requirements such as space, cost and decor. If you are planning to buy a U shaped reception desk, consider it a onetime investment. Which is why, put in a lot of thought before you buy this one. Rest assured, a U shaped reception desk is one of the classiest reception desks that take the look and feel of your office to a whole new level.