Best Office Chair under 300

Best Office Chair under 300 dollars is good enough for good posture:

Chairs are one of the modern inventions by humans to extend their luxury in life. In Ancient times they were considered to be a status symbol. Like any other furniture, chairs also evolved with time. In recent times, people spend their time on the chair for his/her work at home or office.

With long hours spent on the chair, the correct sitting posture is important. A good chair can provide the required support for the back which reduces the discomfort. A Good Chair comes in all sizes, colors and a lot of varieties in materials and upholstery. Depending on the type of the chair, prices also vary from lost cost home furniture to highly priced designer chairs. To find a best office chair under 300 dollars is challenging.

Features of Best Office Chair for under 300$ which is ergonomic

Task chairs are the chairs used by the people to do their work at the table or desk.  Most of the jobs involve computer which demands a good seating posture for extended hours of work. A good ergonomic chair is the chair that distributes the weight of the body equally.

The higher seat or a reclining seat may increase pressure on the knees or the occupant’s bank. A good ergonomic chairs main feature is to provide a good posture. The sedentary life style and longer working hours at desk often has a long lasting effect on the spine of an individual. Sitting position requires less effort compared to walking or standing.

The lumbar area of an individual is stressed out. Each person’s requirement for an ergonomic chair differs as their body style is different. But a sophisticated chair would be adjustable for a specific individual’s requirement. Some of the features that make a good ergonomic office chair is an adjustable seat height, good lumbar support, adjustable back rest with a decent arm rest, good stability and with enough padding. Most of the seats could be easy to rotate.

All these features can be found in the best office chair for under 300$, without spending a fortune for a comfortable seating.

Why we choose best office chairs under 300
Best office chairs under 300 reviews

Customer Expectation on Ergonomic Chairs based on the best office chair under 300 customer reviews:

Customers spend most of their time on keyboard office jobs or for entertainment like gaming need to have a good posture to avoid health risks at longer run. To maintain good posture, the seats are to be comfortably designed.

In current scenario there are number of chairs claiming to be ergonomically designed are available. Some of the chairs are extremely over-priced. Each person’s comfort zone differs, so the chairs that are ergonomically designed needs to be adjustable.

Based on the best office chair under 300 customer reviews, the customers look for the features like adjustable seat height, adjustable arm rest, smooth swiveling function, tilt locking mechanism and decent upholstery. Majority of the population look for the chairs that are fairly priced preferable less than 300 dollars.

Got it, Flaunt it – Best office chair under 300 dollars – Safco Products 3456CM Flaunt Managers Micro Fiber Chair

Flaunt Manager Chairs are popularly advertised as “if you got it, flaunt it”. As it comes with the excellent features like pneumatic seat adjustment from 18” to 21”, tilt adjustment accompanied with tilt tension and lock, the arms are finely integrated to the arms rest and the seat is upholstered with the recycled leather. Finally it has an excellent heavy duty five star base metal on 2 1/2” carpet casters. 360 degree swivel movement ensures free rotation to the chair. The chair weighs almost 36 pounds and with the dimensions 25” * 25” *40”. This chair costing around $240 is one of the best office chair under 300.

First example of best office chairs under 300


  • Looks modern, classy and sassy.
  • Perfect for small offices or home office.
  • Simple to assemble and pocket friendly


  • The leather is not genuine and the color makes it look dirtier easily.
  • The roller bases might scuff when on the laminated wooden floors, so its best on carpets.
This is really great best office chairs under 300 dollars

Serta 43809 Air Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair – A best office chair for under 300$

Probably best office chair under 300 $

Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair offer quality, comfort and style. This is a big and tall chair. Air lumbar is an excellent new feature that is added to the chair to make the chair more comfortable for the people who are spending lot of time on the chair. This feature ensures flexibility and pivoting of the chair along with the body when leaning and twisting. This provides the continuous support to the lumbar.

The leather comes in a rich roasted chestnut color and also the quality is eco-friendly. The stitching of the chair is in contrast to the leather’s color. When seated the body experience the serene and tranquil feeling as the chair is deep and ergo layered body pillows. The perforated zones make it breathable. The armrests are stylish and comfortable for wrists, hand and forearms.

The dimension of the chair is 31.75-Inch deep by 48.25-Inch high. The roller bases are 60mm casters.  The chair comes with the good ergonomic Adjustment Controls that allows adjusting the height and tiltpositions. The foot can be correctly positioned with chair’s tension and lock out feature. The high back style and the upholstery make the chair perfect for heavier weighing people. This is the best office chair for under 300$ that guarantees excellent lumbar support.

Pross and Cons of best office chairs under 300


  • Air lumbar Feature for perfect and continuous lumbar support
  • Perfect for heavy weighing people
  • Manufacturer provides 1 year warranty for the chair.


  • The chair creaks a lot, so constant oiling might be required
  • It’s not perfect for less weighed people.
  • Chair is extremely heavy weighing around 52 lbs.

Alera Epoch Series All Mesh Multifunction Mid-Back Chair – Best Mesh Office Chair under 300 dollars 

The Alera Epoch SeriesAll Mesh Multifunction Mid-Back with black back seat Chairis well-known for the aesthetic designs. This chair is designed with curvy back that suits the lumbar shape. This design helps in providing the good support for the body. The correct posture of the body is maintained with breathable mesh covered back.

The firmness of the back is also ensured with the suspension of the mesh-back. The armrests are also adjustable that offers optimal positioning for the added comfort. Like other ergonomic chairs, the ratchet back height is adjustable to provide lumbar support.The dimension of the chair is 25 3/8” width, with the maximum height of 43 ¾” height and depth of 19 5/8”. This chair with all these features claims to be the best mesh office chair under 300$.

The customers are satisfied for their blend of aesthetics and comfort. This chair reduces the healthcare costs with the excellent lumbar support.This chair is attractive and adjustable by looks at the same timecomfortable andsupportive by feel.

Best Alera office chairs under 300 bucks


  • Light Weighted Chair with perfect base
  • Firmness of the chair is maintained, as its not upholstered.
  • Arms are padded for the arms comfort


  • Casters don’t suit all type of floors especially laminated wooden floors.
  • It might not suit people who loves their chair with heavily upholstered leather for the cushy feeling
  • Assembly might be challenging
Best office chairs under 300 - review

One of the Best Office Chair under 300$ -Wild Sports College Leather Office Chair

Best Leather office chair under 300 dollars

Wild Sports College Leather Office chair is an ergonomically designed chair for the comfort of the people with a team or school colors. This chair is upholstered with the top grain leather. The extra padded seat offers excellent comfort.

The ergonomically designed chair along with the favorite sports team logo is an excellent choice for the sports lover. The tilt adjustment can be done easily with the adjustment provided. The height of the seat can be controlled with the help of a single lever and the locking mechanism ensures the adjusted height intact. The dimensions of the product are 27 x 25 x 14 inches.

The weight limit of the chair is 200 lbs. Sports enthusiasts are going to love this best office chair under 300$ for its low cost.

Office chair under 300 review


  • Sport team logo head rest makes it more attractive with colors
  • Perfectly Styled


  • Not suited for heavily weighed
  • The plastic parts can be ill-fitting
Wild Sports College Leather Office Chair

Jazzy Kneeling Chair Jazzy with Back  – Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under 300 dollars

A very trendy chair with the ultimate comfort is provided by a kneeling chair. This Jazzy Kneeling chair ensures a good sitting posture by an upright position. This eases the stress on the hip. The alignment of back, shoulder and neck are perfect, so that the lumbar is supported well.

After all the strong back is an healthy back, So this Jazzy kneeling chair engages the core muscles to strengthen the back. This eases the pressure on the vertebral discs as well. This helps in maintaining a better posture almost eliminating any pain associated with poor posture. The chrome base and hydraulic lift of the chair makes it more elegant, the height can be adjusted easily.

The seat and knee pads are cushioned with the memory foam making it more comfortable. The overall width is 16.5″ with height ranging from 22″ to 27” and the size of the seat is 16.5″ x 14″. The size of the Knee cushion is 16.5″ x 9.5″. This luxurious chair costs comes with an attractive price of almost 210$, there by listing it as the best ergonomic office chair under 300 bucks.

BEst kneeling office chair under 300 our review


  • Extremely cheap compared to the luxurious built
  • Easy to assemble and well balanced.


  • Memory foam compresses easily and not much robust
  • Even though the maximum height range is 27” inches, the compression of the hydraulic spring reduces by 2” when set to the highest range. This makes it not suitable for higher desk surfaces.
Jazzy Kneeling Chair Jazzy with Back
How wor office chair kneeling below 300

Best office Chair under 300 for gaming – Alera Epoch Series All Mesh Multifunction Mid-Back Chair, Black Back Seat 

Best Gaming chair under 300

The Alera Epoch Series All Mesh Multifunction Mid-Back Chair, Black Back Seat are aesthetically designed with curved back support. The lumbar is well supported. Although the primary purpose of the chair is for keyboard jobs at office, this also caters to the gaming purpose. Irrespective of the activity, these chairs promotes the correct posture. The firmness of the back is also ensured with the suspension of the mesh-back. The armrests are also adjustable and the ratchet back height is adjustable. The dimension of the chair is 25 3/8” width, height of 43 ¾” and depth of 19 5/8”. This chair is the best office chair under 300 for gaming purpose as well. The customers love the fact that the chair can be used for both office and gaming purposes.

BEst office chair under 300 $ review


  • Light Weighted Chair with perfect base for extended gaming.
  • Firmness provided by the mesh is long lasting.


  • Not easy to assemble
  • Not suited for people who look for cushioning effect.

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH11/NW-the best office chair under 300-Cheap when compared to design and elegance

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH11/NW Newedge Edition Racing Office Chair Recliner Esport Dream hack PC Gaming Chairs provide the customer with an elegant looking chair along with ultimate comfort. These chairs aim for the best quality standards. The primary purpose of this chair is to provide the maximum level of comfort at home, while relaxing with a gaming experience.

This chair’s experience always takes the customer to next level with no regards to the activity.  This ergonomically designed chair provides the higher backrest. The higher backrest supports from Neck to pelvis supporting the spinal column. The height is adjustable; the five point base provides stability. The tilt mechanism allows tilting, armrest is adjustable as well. DXRacer offers a maximum height of 53”, and width of 27”. This is the gaming chair with extensive design and is the best office chair under 300 – cheaply priced too.

Why this chair is considered as best gaming chair under 300


  • Eco consciously designed by using less chemicals, REACH certified
  • Bind blowing life time warranty for frame
  • 5 Star inlaid color base


  • Suitable for slim or averagely built people
  • There is no tilt angle lock
How to choose best gaming chair under 300 review

The best office chairs under 300 reviews – Conclusion:

In our daily routines, most of the time is spent in front of a screen in sitting posture.   A well designed ergonomic chair has become essential for the extended hours spent on chair. The above mentioned best office chair under 300 reviews gives a fair idea about what to expect from each of the above mentioned chairs and to choose accordingly. Employers take special interest in the well-being of their employees by investing in good ergonomic chairs. This ensures a good healthy environment with uninterrupted work. Apart from choosing the best suited ergonomic chair, employee should also take care in maintaining his good posture and also by taking frequent breaks like a  brief walk for coffee or to have a chat with a friend.