best office chair for under 200

Why should you find the best office chair under 200 $:

From a desk and bench environment, the office furniture has evolved a great deal. This is because of the negative impacts of a bad posture. Work environment has changed too and people remain seated for the most part of their day spent in the workplace. Sitting for long hours and retaining a bad posture are the prime reasons why people complain of backaches and joint pains right from their twenties. For healthier joints, in addition to improving the general lifestyle habits, using ergonomic office chairs and desk is also very important. Most of the normal chairs might be great on the visual appeal but might lack sufficient support in some of the main areas required. Here is a review of some of the popular office chairs which might help you choose the best office chair under 200$ for your workplace.

What should you look for while buying the best office chair for under 200$?

  • Lumbar and spine support:

Every office chair has a backrest. But whether all of them really support your spine is the main question. An ergonomic office chair would aim at aligning with the natural curve of your spine and supporting it so that there is no strain. Besides spinal support, supporting the lower back or the lumbar region is one of the main missing elements in most chairs. Look for one with proper lumbar support to avoid lower back pains.

  • Seat:

Consider the width of the seat. A wide seat offering good support for your thighs would prevent strain on the knee and hips.

  • Height adjustment levels:

To avoid strain on the elbow and wrist while using the computer, a chair with proper height adjustment is essential. This can ensure that you can place yourself at a suitable height to correct your arm placement posture on the desk.

  • Padding in the seat cushion:

If the seat is too firm or flat, it might strain your thighs and this might be the cause of the numbness you sometimes experience in your legs. So choose one with proper cushioning in the seat.

  • Backrest adjustment:

A wide backrest is essential. Added to that, the one with adjustable backrest is even better.Look for one that offers a good recline option for when you wish to lean back and one that has a good support for your neck and shoulders.

  • Cushioned adjustable armrests:

This supports your arms and the elbows and aligns the posture of your hands so that you could avoid the risks of carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you find a chair which has all or most of the above-mentioned features, then without a doubt, it could be the best office chair for under 200$.

We are choosing best office chairs under 200
Best office Chairs under 200 - rewiews

What can you know from the best office chair under 200 customer reviews?

For any product, furniture, in particular, nothing could talk better than the reviews of someone who has actually used it. With the ever increasing office spaces, the market of office chairs is quite large. For healthier joints, ditch the normal office chairs and choose the ergonomic ones. The best office chair under 200 customer reviews talk about how a proper office chair can make so much difference in sitting at the workplace.A good posture is a great start to working for healthy bones and joints. Ergonomic office furniture reduces the strain on the joints and thus avoid neck sores, lower backaches and knee pain.

Here is a list of good office chairs to choose from in a 200$ budget:

VECELO Ergonomically Adjustable Office Desk Chair, Swivel Boss Armchair – Best office chair for under 200 dollars in the design aspect

For a sturdy and sporty looking office chair, this is the top choice. It comes with contoured backrest that offers good support for the spine. The breathable PU leather makes the chair look sleek while also making it comfortable for you to sit for hours.


When assembled: (length x width x height)- 22.1” x 22.4” x 48” (in the maximum height setting)

best desk chair under 200


  • PU leather upholstery makes the cleaning and maintenance easy
  • The contoured backrest offers good lumbar support
  • The thick padding in the armrests also offer good support


  • Some might feel that the seat padding is a bit on the firmer side.
best computer chair under 200

Customer feedback

Customer reviews are generally positive for this chair. The backrest also supports the head and the neck efficiently. The overall stability of the chair is also great and this is a great chair for gaming as well. In the design and durability, this chair is definitely this sure is the Best office chair for under 200

best office chair for under 200

Mid-Back Orange Mesh Swivel Task Chair with Triple Paddle Control – best office chair for under 200$ with a lumbar support 

best desk chair under 200

This mesh chair comes with impressive back support and an integrated lumbar support as well. It comes with adjustable armrests to minimize the strain on shoulder joints.


When assembled: (length x width x height)-27.5” x 25.8” x 43.5”

best office desk chair under 200 dollars


  • The mesh backrest ensures that you would not feel warm after sitting for long hours in the chair
  • The individual adjustment levers are easy to adjust the chair height, armrest height, and the backrest incline
  • It comes with integrated lumbar support in the backrest which might be missing in many chairs.


  • The fact that it is a mid-back chair might be a bit of a drawback if you are looking for one with proper neck support as well
best ergonomic chair under 200 - review

Customer feedback

This chair has positive reviews from customers in general. Broader backrest and seats make it comfortable to sit for a long time in this chair is the reason the users consider it the best office chair for under 200$.

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair, Black – best mesh office chair under 200 dollars:

This is yet another mesh chair which is a great choice in the below 200 dollars segment.It comes with a broad mesh backrest. The chair is quite stable and it also comes with a 360° swivel feature.


When assembled: (length x width x height)- 25.5” x 26” x 42.7” (in maximum height setting)

Best Mesh Office Chairs under 200 $


  • The waterfall design of the seat edge ensures good support for the thighs
  • Armrest height, as well as the width, could be adjusted
  • Good support at the lumbar region thanks to the adjustable backrest


  • The mesh back and the seat upholstery might not be a very durable choice. But when it comes to breathability to ensure you do not feel warm, this is the best option.
  • The backrest is supportive and broad but it is not perfectly contoured.
Why we think it is one of the best chair under 200 dollars ?

Customer feedback

The overall customer reviews help conclude that in the stability and price factor, this is the best mesh office chair under 200 dollars. But mid-back chairs might not be great in the long run as they do not offer proper support for the neck.

Best office chairs under 200 reviews

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control, Adjustable- best office chair under 200$ with recycled leather:

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control, Adjustable - another great choice under 200

This chair comes with a mesh back and recycled leather seat. It comes with GreenGuard certification and so you can use the chair in your office without a worry about polluting the purity of the indoor air.


When assembled: (length x width x height)-26.5” x 24.75” x 42”

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat - front


  • Eco-leather seat and the mesh back are both extremely breathable and this ensures extra comfort while sitting
  • The large carpet casters make sure that the mobility of the chair doesn’t go a waste in a carpeted environment.


  • Lumbar support offered is not the best in the segment
  • The seat might seem a bit firm for some
SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back - side

Customer feedback

Based on the customer reviews this chair can be called the best office chair under 200$ in terms of the features and the adjustment options it gives at an attractive price.

VIVA OFFICE High Back Mesh Chair with Adjustable Armrests, Headrest, and Lumbar Pad – the best ergonomic office chair under 200 dollars:

Within the 200$ budget is you are looking for an ergonomic chair that offers a head rest and a great support at the lumbar region, this one is a clear winner. As an added advantage, it also comes with a breathable mesh back.


When assembled: (length x width x height)-25.6” x 24” x 50” (in the maximum height setting)

Pross and Cons of best office chairs under 200 $


  • The lumbar pad offers a good support. So you would not get lower back pains.
  • Headrest and tilt adjustment come in handy when you would like to lean back and rest for a while


  • The headrest might not be on level for the tall users
best quality office chairs under 200

Customer feedback

Most of the customer reviews rate this as the best ergonomic office chair under 200 $ for the exceptional comfort it offers. The leather upholstery is soft yet sturdy making the chair both comfortable and durable. The seat padding also comes with comfortable cushioning to avoid numbness in your leg which might be caused if you are sitting for a long duration on a rigid seat.

good office chairs under 200 dollars - front

Giantex High Back Race Car Style Bucket Seat Office Desk Chair Gaming Chair (Red)-best office chair under 200 for gaming:

The best office chairs below 200

Stability, a supportive headrest, comfortable armrests, there are several other requisites for a good gaming chair. This one from Giantex is the perfect choice for an office chair that is good for gaming as well.


  • Seat height: 18.11” – 21.25”
  • Seat area: 20” x 20”
  • Backrest height (from the seat): 28.7”
Best Gaming office chair under 200


  • Bucket seat offers impressive support for the thighs
  • The contoured back with the firm support at the lumbar region and the headrest offers great support to lean back and play for hours


  • For the tall and broad frames, this chair might appear a bit tight on the dimensions of the seat and the backrest height
Features of good choice in office chairs under 200 range

Customer feedback

There are generally positive reviews about the chair from its users. For comfortably playing for long hours, this one is the best office chair under 200 for gaming.

LexMod Edge Office Chair with Black Mesh Back and Mesh Fabric Seat – best office chair under 200 – cheap yet great on the features:

This is a mesh back chair with decent height adjustments, good lumbar support and comfortable seat and backrest all at a very affordable price.


When assembled: (length x width x height)-24” x 26.5” x 42” (in the maximum height setting)

We review one of the best office chair below 200 dollars


  • The flip-up armrests are easy to adjust
  • The broad backrest offers a good support for a chair in the mid-back segment


  • The seat leather is not very durable
It's really good example for chair under 200

Customer feedback

This chair has impressed most of the customers looking for a sleek looking office chair in the mid-back segment at an attractive price. If you wish to buy the best office chair under 200 – cheap but with no compromise on the looks or the comfort it offers, then this one is definitely your best bet.

Best Office Chairs under 200

The final verdict from the best office chair under 200 reviews:

You have enough number of options when it comes to choosing an office chair in a 200$ budget. You could get pretty affordable ones which are comfortable too if you look at the mid-back segment like those from LexMod and Alera.

For the gamers, however, a high back chair would be the option to go for and in that case, the gaming chair from Giantex would be the best choice in this price segment.Based on the best office chair under 200 reviews, narrow down the ones that might suit your office environment the best.

As we see, most of these offer decent support in the lumbar region which is essential for longer work hours. For the workplace which demands a lot of typing on the keyboard, go for a chair with soft padded armrest that can reduce the strain on the elbows and shoulder joints. For those workplaces where the users might have to lean back and read from the computer for longer hours, choose one with a broad backrest that offers good neck support as well.