8 Foot Conference Table

The requirement of a conference table is very critical during a meeting. It avoids clutters and gives a neat and tidy experience to the members attending the conference. This helps the members to completely concentrate on their work and assists in producing creative and innovative ideas.  The presence of8’ conference table in a conference room gives an aesthetic look to the entire room. Such conference tables are neither too big nor too small. So it fits all types of rooms which are expected to have around 8 to 10 attendees.

What are the advantages of an 8ft conference table?

The reason for choosing such a table is not only its pleasing looks but also its extraordinary usage and durability. An 8 foot table can be used for a small group meeting and also for bigger ones. It can accommodate 8 to 10 members comfortably. The modern functionalities like the power and data modules and cable management features can also be included in an 8 foot conference table to make it more effective. It is also available in different shapes like boat, race track, rectangular to provide more space and comfort to the users. Customers have a wide range of varieties to choose from.

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Is an 8 person conference table actually useful?

As mentioned in the pros it can be used for 8 to 10 member meeting. More members cannot be accommodated with great comfort. Few tables are very tough to assemble due to the intricate parts in it. Few tables are heavier and cannot be moved easily as per the user’s choice. The light weight tables mostly have very low durability. So it can be used for only temporary purposes. When the table has a good look and finishing, the table’s rate might make it unaffordable. So after a tedious analysis of all the pros and cons along with your requirement criteria, a perfect table can be selected.

Why an 8 seater conference table size is preferred to other conference tables?

Such tables are preferred mainly because of their multipurpose uses. It can be used for 8 to 10 members that is, it can accommodate a small group meeting and also a bigger team meeting. Its spacious wooden top can allow the inbuilt features like power and data modules, grommet holes and also the table legs can have concealed cable wire management facility. This provides a very tidy and less messy environment for the employees to work. It can be assembled in normal sized rooms and gives a compact look. So such tables work well when there is a space constraint. A bigger table can also have the best features but it gets very expensive to afford. And a smaller table cannot accommodate all the functionalities. Hence an 8 foot conference table size is always preferred to design for comfort.

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What is the price range for 8 foot conference room tables?

Prices range from a lower price of $150 to higher price of $2500 to $3000. As per the prices the features and quality also varies. The lower the price, lower the quality of the table and it can be used as a temporary purpose rather than a long term asset. A higher price range of table can be bought if it’s affordable by the user. But these days we are having good features and quality in a middle range of price too. A definite analysis on price, features and quality with your budget is needed before buying a new 8 foot conference table.

What are the best conference table for 8? The Most Popular types:

How will a boat shaped conference table make your meeting better?

Bestar 95 in. Boat Shaped Conference Table – Slate

The Bestar 95 in. Boat Shaped Conference Table – Slate’, Mocha Laminate is a boat shaped conference table with sturdy top and firm V shaped legs. The design looks very appealing and comfortably fits 8 members. People looking for the pleasing looks in the conference rooms can try this table. Dimensions are 97*49*3 inches and 103 pounds.


  • Top is mocha laminated and very strong.
  • Legs are firm and rightly spaced to give a good leg space for the users.
  • It has appealing look.


  • There is no storage space available
  • It is not easily portable.
  • Power units and cable management feature is not available which makes the table messy.

Customers Say

Users are very happy with the pleasing look it provides to the entire room. It is very comfortable and can be used for normal conferences without much electrical requirements.

Should you get a round conference table for 8 instead?

Mayline BTCT8 Brighton 8′ Conference Table Mocha

The Mayline BTCT8 Brighton 8′ Conference Table Mocha is an 8 foot racetrack shaped conference table. It would accommodate 6 to 8 people comfortably along with their laptops or systems. This table also has two grommets for easy cable management. Dimensions are 95 5/8″w x 47 5/8″d x 29″h inches and weighs about 400 pounds


  • It is very sturdy and durable.
  • It has 2 grommets for cable management and keeps the table tidy.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • There is no storage space available.
  • It is not easily portable.
  • Power/data units are not available.

Customers Say

For users who are looking for simple conference table to accommodate 6 to 8 persons, this could be a right choice. Electrical units can be bought separately to enable more effective utilization of this table. Generally users are happy with its performance and durability.

Economize your space with a 8 foot folding conference table

Lifetime 80177 Folding Conference Table

If you are thinking of a folding table then the Lifetime 80177 Folding Conference Table, 8 Feet, White Granite is an 8 foot folding conference table that can be used for many meetings. They are very cheap and light weight too.  Many tables can be arranged together as per user’s choice to accommodate more people. Dimensions are 96.3 x 2.4 x 18.7 inches and weigh around 40 pounds.


  • Light weight and easily movable
  • It can be folded and stored when not in use.
  • It is not expensive and is easily affordable.
  • It has stain resistant top made of polyethylene.


  • It does not have grommets
  • It does not have power units.
  • It is not designed to hold heavy objects on it. It gives a messy look and also sometimes it might collapse when used for holding heavy objects.

Customers Say

The light weight and foldable feature of this product enables it to be moved and stored easily. The users are very happy with these functionalities. Many use it for outdoor meetings too.

Getting a conference table for 8, rectangular is the way to go

Modern Rectangular Shape 8 Feet Conference Table

A Modern Rectangular Shape 8′ Feet Conference Table, #MT-COH-C29 is designed with modern features like grommet hole and optional power module and storage units which can be bought and attached separately. It is made of 1 1/8” thick hi-pressure PVC lamination which is burn, scratch and stain resistant. It has high quality 14 gauge steel legs with perfect ground grip. Dimensions are 96*48*29 inches and weighs 183 pounds.


  • It is sturdy and firm.
  • It is burn, scratch and stain resistant hence easy to clean.
  • It’s a very easy to assemble.


  • It is very expensive
  • The storage units, power modules are to be bought separately if required.
  • It is not easily portable.

Customers Say

Users are happy with its performance. Its sturdy and spacious top for 8 member conference also makes it a good product. Few users are also not satisfied with the optional features which need to be bought separately making the whole set up very expensive.

Try the 8’ conference table wood for a change

Mayline ACTB8LMA Aberdeen Series Conference Table with Boat Surface

The Mayline ACTB8LMA Aberdeen Series Conference Table with Boat Surface, 8′, Maple Laminate is part of the Aberdeen series conference table made of 1 5/8” wood top comprising of hollow core and 2 grommet holes. It is a boat shaped enabling good line of sight for all the attendees. The table legs has cable chimney for concealed cable management. Dimensions are 96*48*29.5 inches and weigh around 322 pounds.


  • It has hollow core for the power and data modules.
  • It has grommet and cable chimney for concealed cable management hence giving a clean and tidy place for the users to work in.
  • Boat shaped structure gives a good line of sight for all the members.


  • It is not easily portable
  • It is difficult to assemble.
  • It cannot be fixed in a small room.

Customers Say

Except the assembling and portable functionality this 8 foot conference table works awesome. It ensures the users are comfortable and get a good atmosphere for working. Since all the extra electrical and cable parts are hidden away, the entire room looks tidy and professional.

For your budget, a cheap 8 foot conference table is a good bet

Flash Furniture Granite Plastic Folding Table 30 by 96

The conference table from Flash Furniture, the Flash Furniture Granite Plastic Folding Table, 30″ by 96″, White is an excellent choice if you are looking for a table which can be customized. The height of the table can be adjusted as per comfort. This table need not be used only for conference rooms; it can also be used for outdoor party purposes for laying out the buffet. Top is firm made of white plastic material. Dimensions are 30”*96” and height can be varied and weighs 40 pounds. It also provides smarter way to store due to its bi-folding feature. It can accommodate 8 to 10 members.


  • It is light weight and easily portable
  • It can be customized according to user’s choice.
  • It can be stored in a very less space due to its bi-folding feature.


  • It is not apt when users have laptops and systems since there are no electrical sockets or grommet for cable management.
  • It is not durable and can be used for temporary purposes.
  • It is not designed for holding heavy items.

Customers Say

Users who are looking for tables with multi-purposes are satisfied with its functionalities. This product can be used both indoor and outdoor purposes. But the ones who bought it solely for conference rooms might get disappointed.

Here’s the 8 foot conference room tables (our choice)

Regency Prestige 120-Inch by 48-Inch Conference Table with Power Data Grommet Mahogany

Among all, the Regency Prestige 120-Inch by 48-Inch Conference Table with Power Data Grommet, Mahogany is the best product which can satisfy a wide range of customers due to its diverse functionalities. This is a luxury product which has both classic look and modern features like power modules and grommet holes in it. It’s a best choice for users who love to give a classic look to the conference room with modern functionalities. The wooden top is made of two tone inlaid edge detailing and alternating wood grains. It is also got the rich hand rubbed mahogany veneer finish. Dimensions are 48*120*29 inches and weigh about 280 pounds. It can also accommodate 8 to 10 members.


  • It gives a luxury look.
  • It also provides power modules and grommet holes.
  • It is strong and durable.


  • It is not easy to move.
  • It cannot fit in small conference rooms

Customers Say

Customers are very happy with the appealing look, functionality and durability of the table. When compared to other products of similar functionalities, this 8 foot conference room table provides the best comfort and for the quoted price.