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The Suitability analysis of alera elusion office chair

Office chairs are an important piece of furniture, employees spend close to 10 hours every day. The facilities department has to ensure that the chairs bought are ergonomic and offer good comfort. At the same time, the chair has to be within the budget. Small offices look for a basic shape which can be adjusted based on your height and offers high comfort level. The alera elusion office chair is ideal for offices which want to buy comfortable chairs within a certain budget. 

The Benefits and downsides of alera elusion series mesh chair

There are many benefits and a few downsides of the alera elusion series mesh chair. Here, we discuss the key pros and cons.

  • Adjustable seat and tilt – There is a multifunction mechanism which allows one to tilt backwards. This back angle can be adjusted as per your convenience. There is a free floating or infinite locking position and a forward tilt.
  • Breathable back–The back support is of breathable mesh which ensures that when you sit on the chair for long hours, it does not lead to a sweaty back. Sweaty backs could lead to skin issues in the back.
  • Waterfall edge– The waterfall edge will help relieve the pressure off the legs. Keeping your leg in the free falling position, while you are sitting can lead to thrombosis. This can be treated by a waterfall edge design in the chair.
  • Premium fabric cushion– The seat is designed for comfort and the fabric upholstery is of premium quality. The look and feel is extremely sophisticated. It comes in the black colour which is suitable for office setup.
  • Not easy to setupProcess of setting up the chair is not easy, despite the assistance of the manual. There are many parts which have to be arranged sequentially.
  • No lower back supportThe chair is designed for mid-back support, the lower back does not find much support in this chair. Employees with lower back pain may not be able to relieve their pain, it may infact aggravate the pain.
  • Slightly heavyAt 50 pounds, the chair seems little heavy, it cannot be moved very easily. However, there are wheels to move the chair easily.

What does alera elusion series mesh mid-back multifunction chair review indicate?

Customers who offer alera elusion series mesh mid-back multifunction chair review indicate that this is the best adjustable chair at affordable price. Most people however, found the setting up process a little cumbersome. The quality of product is durable and can be used continuously; there is no wear and tear. This series is designed with a little more thought to enhance the ergonomic feature. The chair can be tilted to suit your needs and the height of the seat can be adjusted based on your height. The mesh mid-back is a thoughtful addition in this chair, which ensures that the back does not sweat.

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MWhat does the alera elusion series mesh mid-back swivel review indicate?

The alera elusion series mesh mid-back swivel review indicates that it has great features.It is one of the popular chairs from the series. The chair has a five star base; it has casters at the base, which offers great mobility. This is especially great at your workplace, where you may need to interact with your colleagues seated in adjacent work stations. The base is broad to distribute the weight evenly across the entire chair. The lever for adjustment is situated just above the five star bases, which can be reached by leaning sideways. The mesh back makes it breathable and offers the right amount support for the mid back. The only drawback is that there is no lower back support, this makes it tough for people who have lower back pain. 

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What does the alera elusion series mesh high-back multifunction chair review suggest?

There are many great features pertaining to the high – back multifunction chair. Alera elusion series mesh high-back multifunction chair review indicates that it is designed to provide great support for the back. It has the right amount of suspension, also provides lumber support. Despite being slightly highly priced, it offers great value for money. The mesh back is a common feature in all the alera series chairs, it provides great support without back sweating during humid weather. It is not only breathable, it is soft on the back. The height can be adjusted and the back angle can be adjusted to tilt in a comfortable angle.  

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Ergonomic/adjustability of alera elusion mesh chair series

The alera elusion mesh chair series’ are reasonably priced for some great features. The adjustability is excellent. There is a lever which can adjust the height and the tilt to make it comfortable for the user. The lever is placed below the seat and can be reached easily by tilting to either side.  

We rate the Ergonomic/adjustability of alera elusion mesh chair series 4.6 on a scale of 5. 

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Is the alera elusion chair durable?

Durability is a key aspect that needs to be considered before you invest in an alera elusion chair. The chair is made of fine quality fabric, metal, plastic and upholstery. For an office, where the chairs are used daily for long hours, durability becomes critical. Alera elusion chair has great durability and is a well known name for the high quality material and features offered.

We rate the durability of the chair 4.6 on a scale of 5.

Materials used in alera elusion series chair

As stated above the materials used are of great quality. The fabric, cushion, mesh are of good quality, which do not tear even after many years’ of use. The overall build is sturdy. The chair uses metal and plastic of good grade which lends an aesthetic look. The alera elusion series chair has been tested under extreme conditions to ensure that it does not break when it falls or tears on repeated use. The chair comes in standard black colour, there may be a need for other colours to match the interiors / furniture of the company. These chairs cannot be repaired easily and the parts are not replaceable.

For the materials used and the overall look and feel we rate the chair 4 out of 5.

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Do customers recommend alera elusion chair US?

The users of alera elusion chair US have great things to say about the features. It seems to be a great value for money product. The base is sturdy and the five star base ensures that the weight is distributed evenly. Hence, the chair is able to take a lot of weight. The build is also sturdy and the materials are of great quality. However, the setup is cumbersome; this comes as a common problem incurred by many users. Almost all the alera elusion chair US have some features which are standard and others which are specific ergonomics to tackle certain types of problems.

We rate the product 4.5 on a scale of 5 based on the customer reviews.

I purchased this for my husband after his last chair broke and liked it so much I had to get one for myself too.

-Mesh back, good airflow.
-Fabric cushion that still looks new after 5 months heavy, and feels nice to sit on.
-Very comfortable – I am 5’2″ and my husband is 6’2″ and we both find this chair extremely comfortable after adjusting it to our personal tastes.
-Lumbar support, I don’t think I’ve ever had better posture while sitting.


Conclusion based on alera elusion chair review

By the elaborate alera elusion chair review that we conducted, it can be safely concluded that is a great addition to company furniture. It will ensure that the employees spend the hours on their chair comfortably.  

We hope that we helped you to make convinced decision about buying Alera Elusion chair

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